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Versatile Mage

Chapter 707 Last Update in 06/17/2021

Solo Leveling

Chapter 155 Last Update in 06/10/2021

Martial Peak

Chapter 1251 Last Update in 06/18/2021


Chapter 763 Last Update in 06/10/2021

Tomb Raider King

Chapter 211 Last Update in 06/07/2021

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Mangafast is a platform intended for hosting the contribution from the users and for the users and not for commerical profit, rather it is intended for the sake of enjoyment is a great place to read manga online but what is manga anyway?

Manga is a Japanese term used to describe comics or graphical novels that originated from the country of Japan. Manga definitely has its own style especially if you compare to the likes of manhua or manhwa. While most people read manga are familiar with black and white you can also read manga online that is full colored. While we simply used the word manga to describe comics, in Japan the term manga can also refer to comics and the process of making a cartoon. Nowadays manga popularity is on the increase with the birth of manhua and manhwa. While they are from different countries, I guess it has been unofficially decided that manhua and manhwa can often be referred to as manga as well. Either way, reading manga online is fun and here at we try to bring the highest quality manga online.