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Read 7 Seeds Manga

7 Seeds

Manga • 4 days ago

When they woke up, Natsu, Arashi and a few dozen others had gone to bed like every other night...

Latest : Chapter 178
Read Burning Effect Manhwa

Burning Effect

Manhwa Full Color • 9 hours ago

Thanks to longer lives, the Autonomous City has had unprecedented population growth.

Latest : Chapter 85
Read Realms Of Death Manhua

Realms Of Death

Manhua Full Color • 2 weeks ago

Extreme wastelands, monsters raging everywhere, the evil ones are ruling this country.

Latest : Chapter 7
Read W-Juliet Manga


Manga • 2 weeks ago

Makoto Amano is looking to become an actor.

Latest : Chapter 80 [End]
Read Biomega Manga


Manga • 2 weeks ago

Set in the future, the story follows Zouichi Kanoe and his AI friend, Fuyu Kanoe, whose luminous shape is built into the structure of his motorcycle.

Latest : Chapter 42
Read Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage Manga

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage

Manga • 2 weeks ago

When Sasuke returns to the village with news of major imminent danger,

Latest : Chapter 10.1
Read Boruto Manga


Manga • 2 weeks ago

Naruto and the Shinobi who grew up together find that working to maintain a neutral world takes them away from their families, and even the legendary warriors of the Naruto generation have to fight to be mediocre parents to their bitter children, including their own son Boruto.

Latest : Chapter 47
Read Requiem Of The Rose King Manga

Requiem Of The Rose King

Manga • 2 weeks ago

Richard, the ambitious third son of the House of York, believes he is cursed, damned from birth to eternal darkness.

Latest : Chapter 50
Read One Piece Manga

One Piece

Manga • 2 weeks ago

Twenty-two years later, a young man by the name of Monkey D. Luffy is ready to embark on his own adventure.

Latest : Chapter 984
Read Liar Liar Manhua

Liar Liar

Manhua Full Color • 2 weeks ago

Everything on Academy Island is settled by "Games" for a certain number of stars, with the Seven Stars ranking being awarded to the strongest student.

Latest : Chapter 3
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