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Sweet Guy

It might be an understatement to state that Hosang's luck with women have been underwhelming all his life. Everything changes when a power mat which he bought from his old college or university friend Gahee electrocutes him. Hosang, armed with a newfound talent, embarks over a life he previously never even imagined ...

Ura Account Jyoshi

ura account jyoshi. what is it that makes girls post nude pictures on social media? who lies below, and what the implications of such actions can be?

Netsuzou Trap - Ntr

netsuzou trap – ntr. nervous about being alone with her new husband, takeda, yuma insists that for a double date her once angelic childhood friend, hotaru and hotaru 's boyfriend, will come along. but when hotaru begins touching yuma and offers herself as "practice," yuma experiences an inner confusion as she loves more than takeda's kiss of the now devilish hotaru.

Shaman King: Flowers

shaman king: flowers. 10 years after shaman king kang zeng bang ends, the story focuses on hana's life in his teenage years. hana's epoch (oneshot), was originally published in the fanbook for mentalite. it isn't considered canon in the shaman king universe at this time.

A Thing Hiding In A Erotic Cult

a thing hiding in a erotic cult. tooru and his sister yume end up in hospital after a car accident leaving their father brain dead when itou yuuzen unexpectedly appears out of nowhere and takes them under the protection of his "religious cults."

Sensei No Yasashi Koroshi Kata

sensei no yasashi koroshi kata. when she was young, arisu's parents were killed. luckily, she saw the killer and made a promise to kill him in the future, but little did she know that the killer would become her high school teacher ...

House Of Dolls

house of dolls. the mysterious woman has people who are under her control. don't be fooled by the devilish smile! a full-length webtoon by the legendary famous author lee jongkyu, and of the god-artist rigeng.

My Wife Is Captain Of Student Council

my wife is captain of student council. nakata yumi's original series, which was eventually serialized as okusama ga seito kaichou! , featuring wakana ui and izumi hayato in a very different form than the serialized version.

Kuro (somato)

kuro (somato). within a big mansion the black cat "kuro" and lone girl "coco" stay together. as the sole inhabitant of an enormous home, if not for her beloved black cat kuro, coco would be completely alone. though he has his quirks, the two are an inseparable pair and share everyday fun-filled adventures.

Hiai Mousou

hiai mousou. the teacher named kadomae kazuma has the principal's daughter, noeda kanade, in his new school semester class. she appears to be a quiet girl at first glance, but she is awakening her aberrant love for kazuma!? this is a psycho love story that accelerates thought and action.


mare. mare is a mysterious girl who has the power to call monsters. mare comes to high school looking for individuals with relationships full of envy, hatred , anger, and desire, seeking wrongdoing, and disseminating her own brand of justice. what is her purpose, and what are the challenges that await her? and what are the students waiting for here with their arrival?

Will You Do As I Say?

will you do as i say?. when you do as i suggest, i'll let you taste heaven ~ an exciting tale about living in a single women's house together with five girls who all have different fetishes.

The Trouble With My Boss

the trouble with my boss. i'm the only person who knows the secret about my boss. he an overly experienced sadist by the name of saeki-san. what is the reason why, this successful and hardworking boss of mine so perverted?!

Ibitsu (okada Kazuto)

ibitsu (okada kazuto). there is something a bit twisted inside of the teenage girl madoka. it comes out one day when she has to deal with a groper on a public train. he may be scarred for life by the time she's finally through with him. but for her, at least, this encounter may only be the beginning...

Innocent Rouge

innocent rouge. the eve of the french revolution in 1772, charles-henri the eldest male of the sanson family, an executioner and his sister, marie-joseph has been living freely in the versailles. but one day, marie-joseph's lover, alain, was killed by aristocrats. this is the history of innocents plunges into the midst of a bloody revolution, rouge!!


infectee. 'infectee' creatures are monsters that eat human flesh. i became that monster.

Chasing The Sun

chasing the sun. a kele has always sought to live her life unmoved by others, choosing to judge individuals with her own eyes. she moves in with her aunt because of her mother working overseas and soon meets a charming host named yan shu. though intrigued by him, she's determined to work hard at school and her upper classmate, bai yiran, would appreciate her.

Mousou Shoujo (yukino Seo)

mousou shoujo (yukino seo). jun looks like a hot vamp at first sight but her sexy look is a total lie. she is in fact a very shy wallflower. what is worse, though: she is still a virgin! she looks in desperation for shelter in her romantic daydreams, which often transform into some odd circumstances. as if that wasn't enough, she would discover that the man of her dreams lives nearby as well. an oblique, erotic comedy involving the burden of desire!

Otome No Harawata Hoshi No Iro

otome no harawata hoshi no iro. twenty years ago we ve aliens came to earth to pursue marriage partners. we ve is perverted, and love to breed. they have solved all the earth's problems relating to the climate, food, and energy with their advanced technology.


onecha.: when momoka's mother and touri's father got married, the two kids became sister and brother overnight, but as they grew up together, this relationship began to change.


polyamory. in a world where we are led to believe that monogamy is the best way to live, this story offers a perverse glimpse of what it could be like to enjoy life with multiple partners.

Dasei 67 Percent

dasei 67 percent. this funny story takes place in a room of a college girl named yoshizawa. her three friends often stop by, and they often get into weird adult problems. yoshizawa has a peculiar problem, she has need to know how to draw a realistic penis in her manga, which she has never seen one before. many strange things are going on in that college room!

Tanaka The Wizard

tanaka the wizard. by mistake, yoshio tanaka is reincarnated into a fantasy game world, with healing magic as a "cheat" skill. waking up from his daze, he's literally waking up in prison! after a close inspection, his surroundings had a lot of ill and crippled inmates. luckily, his cellmates is a busty female who say she's innocent. nothing to do, tanaka, try the cheating skill he's got from.

Chotto Kawaii Iron Maiden

chotto kawaii iron maiden: when she got to middle school, muto yuzuki was excited for a whole new life and a different self but she didn't expect it to be practically torturous. yuzuki is "persuaded" by an upper classman named funaki aoi to join the torture club on the campus, where the students were secretly educated

Flaming Heaven: The Dragon Returns

flaming heaven: the dragon returns. during the mecha war appeared a boy with long and black hair and a pair of fearsome dragon-like eyes. he was fearless, alert and calm, but above all, as a dark abyss, he was as mysterious. facing the mecha of the so-called "dragon slaughter," this enigmatic boy absolutely beat down his competitor and won without showing any emotion. what was his story, and will dragon slaughter 's owner take revenge on him?

Tasogare No Ethos

tasogare no ethos. prequel to "rakujitsu no pathos" where we see yuuki working as a teacher at school and understand how things have come to be ....

The View Beyond

the view beyond. the older brother who can only hug women that is sleeping a younger sister with a heart problem and not allowed to have sex. and the brother's girlfriend, who watches them all quietly. three people with different point of view, having entangled lives and distorted mind?

Kakugo No Susume

kakugo no susume. a series of natural disasters have taken the planet down to ruins, with the survivors doing everything they can to survive on a planet that has gone crazy. but one young boy, kakugo, gifted by his late father with superb martial arts and a superpowerful armor suit, was tasked with making the world (or at least his school) a safer place. yet his sister's skills and resources fit, and she's on a quest to bring peace to the world ... wiping out mankind!

Hero Killer

hero killer. a young man attempts revenge on the heroes who abandoned him.

From Now On We Begin Ethics.

from now on we begin ethics. "ethics" is humanity's road, a concept which becomes moral standard. looking ahead, learning is not a concern. but the truth of life fills that class. teachers of cool ethics and takayanagi confront the students' problems and their own perspective ...