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A Pervert's Daily Life

Let's say Jinwoo and Seyoung got off to a rocky beginning. Not realizing Seyoung would be staying with a male employee in a company dorm, her immediate superior in that, she barred into his space assuming it was hers. Her timing couldn't have been more inappropriate because Jinwoo was right in the middle of his enjoyment.

A Pocket Full Of Holes Forgets Everything

When a forgetful man forgets everything, will he lose everything in the end?

Kimi Ga Boku O Mite Ita Kara

A collection of short stories.


Collection of short stories: 1) Morotomo (With Thou) 2) Jingi Nashi! (Without Honor!) Inept yakuza Sekiguchi loves getting arrested, for it's his best chance to get up close and personal with no-nonsense detective Murata. But when Murata warns him about the imminent closure of his gang, Sekiguchi faces an uncertain future. Can a guy who fantasizes about fondling the nipples of macho men in handcuffs ever go straight? 3) Seinaru Otoko (The Holy Man) Pastor Andy, a missionary on a remote island, finds the brawny Taka washed up on the beach. Taka is the exact opposite of him in every way: a tough, brutish lout engaged in drug trafficking. Despite the danger, Andy offers Taka shelter and assistance - but his acts of Christian kindness conceal a dark obsession of his own. extra chapter - Matta Nashi! (Without Delay!) Murata is determined to be on top, but Sekiguchi won't play fair.

A Certain Around 30's Delusions

Kasai Rena is a hard-working office female with a peculiar interest she hides from everyone...

Ozu No Kakashi Tsukai

An eccentric witch chooses a useless scarecrow to be her familiar, but why? A fantasy romance that resounds in the heart!

Otouto Wa, Ookami.

Beitofuku's father remarried a week ago and her step brother turns out to be the school's most popular guy, Aizawa Hiroki. Giving the appearance of a gentleman it turns out he's a huge playboy, trying to "capture" her to prove they can't be a family!?

Sayonara Yoochun

Is what we have... love? ... Or friendship? Yoochun and Junsu's friendship that is full of pink blossoms, but at times, their love shines a lovely color that cannot be defined.

Asa Ga Kuru Tabi

Hiraku's a slightly moody college student who's been having a hard time getting used to his new big-city life. A flamboyantly gay guy's latched onto him like a leech and follows him around wherever he goes, and a girl who he had a one-night stand with comes up to him telling him that she's pregnant and demands money from him so that she can go and get an abortion.Amidst all this chaos, one glaring question crystallizes in the minds of all those around him ---who is it that he really loves?

Akugi Ouji

Yujin Ratcliff is a very serious but impoverished student who somehow manages to continually be at the top of his class. On the evening of the school's big Christmas bash, Yujin's classmates decide to pull a sidesplitting pratical joke on him - and they transform him into a princess! Suddenly all eyes are on the blond and striking young Prince Willis as he enters the room. Who knew that this joke would be the commencement of the prince's powerful attraction for "princess" Yujin?

Otouto Wa, Ookami

Beitofuku's father remarried a week ago and her step brother turns out to be the school's most popular guy, Aizawa Hiroki. Giving the appearance of a gentleman it turns out he's a huge playboy, trying to "capture" her to prove they can't be a family!?

Sam Is A Scrublord

A random story about a schoolboy called sam, and a girl who fancies sam, yet sam fails to realise this. This story follows their adventures through an illogical manga world while consistently breaking the 4th wall. [This series contains a vast amount of foul language - Be warned!]

Tennen Yuuryouji

Kaoru thought that high school was boring. And then he met Kaname and Yuta. Kaname and Yuta are trying to start "The Creator's Club", a club with creation of all sorts of unusual inventions as its aim. The club's formation is opposed by Kaoru's reticence to make up numbers, and the school council president's obstinate nature. With the aid of hard work, cheeriness and sheep, Kaname, Yuta and a somewhat bemused Kaoru set about changing her mind.

Onegai Twins

?Onegai Twins? is a cute, incestuous love story between a boy and two girls who are supposedly his long-lost twin sisters. The story follows Maiku, Karen, and Miina. Maiku is a high school boy orphaned at an early age, now living in a house he believes is the house he grew up in.Onegai Twins! is the sequel spin-off to Onegai Teacher!

Soushokukei Ism

What happens when a girl and an eccentric student council president happens to meet?! A youthful love comedy between an abnormal boy and girl!

Itto Vorspiel

At the outskirts of town in a mansion, which is rumoured to house devils, live the masters of the household: the young miss (master?) Lily and the strange young master (a NEET) It. We follow them as they carry out strange requests, ones which normal humans cannot settle themselves. Yet again, today, a young girl that wishes to find her black cat has paid a visit…

Kawaisa Amatte Nanika Ga Hyakubai

A assortment of short stories:1-2. you are Hopelessly CuteMikuni Renji had been serious atlanta divorce attorneys love relationship. It had been his misfortune to talk with people who only used him for satisfaction. Ichinomiya Shinobu, the sadistic younger flower shop prince who was simply his company supplier, fell in love with the Mikuni through regular teasing. Trouble came when Ichinomiya met Mikuni and his ex-partner on the road. Would Mikuni get dumped again?3. Useless GoalkeeperA friendly high-school student falls for his reclusive classmate.4-5. Sorry, But I REALLY LIKE YouThe son of your "Mama" realizes his love for his coworker, who also is undoubtedly a cross-dresser like the son's parent.

Occult Academy

It is the year 1999. In Nagano Matsushiro stands the pyramid of Japan, the private Voltstein Academy.This place is famous for repeated occurrences of occult phenomena within its premises. Hence, it is also called the Occult Academy. The dean is committed to studying the occult, while the students are zealous in their everyday schoolwork.One day, the dean passes away and his occult-hating daughter, Kumashiro Maya, visits the academy. There, she meets a self-proclaimed spoon-bending "time agent" from the year 2012, Uchida Fumiaki. As the two encounter various bizarre phenomena within the academy, the reason for Fumiaki's timeslip to 1999 becomes clear.

Hotel La Vie En Rose

Somehow, Kaori ended up working at Hotel La Vie en Rose—where the employees are handsome young men who treat their guests as if they were princesses. She is victimized by Kyuno, the mysterious receptionist that nobody knows anything about... but he might not be such a bad guy after all.

Order Wa Boku De Yoroshii Desu Ka?

Akari always goes to a particular coffee shop, but not for their coffee. It's to see Naruse Hijiri-kun, a waiter who's totally Akari's type. And then suddenly one day she finds him waiting outside her school? Also includes: • Haru Koi • Power of Love • Flying Start! • Haru ni Kaze to Yuki ga Furu!

Goshimei Desu!

1-3. Goshimei desu! Renjouji Kiriya holds the coveted position of the number 1 ranked host at a high-class host club "Chateau du Amour" in Tokyo. The Chateau du Amour specializes in providing the company of beautiful, cultured men to female customers. Few people know that the popular Kiriya is actually Yamada Kotarou, a boy from Nagasaki who came to Tokyo to find a way to repay his parent's debt. Some of the other hosts, jealous of his position, are determined to get past his perfect facade to discredit him. Kiriya will have a hard time stopping them, especially after a former customer dumps an adorable 5-year-old girl on him, claiming he is the father. The only thing that could make this situation more difficult would be the arrival of his Nagasaki girlfriend Miharu, who knows nothing of his career as a host...4. Apple!A kind-hearted guy who grows up eating cakes and whose parents own an tartlet cafe, wants to be the ultimate gang leader. A villainous girl who was brought up in a family of gangsters wants to be the owner of a tartlet shop! How will the pair cross one another's path with their dreams of the opposite party?

Shisei Gokumon

The gate that leads the souls of the dead into the Underworld – that is called “Shisei Gokumon”. There is a watchman at the front and the back of the gate.The black Gozu and the white Mezu.The only time they are able to meet is during the diminutive span of time when the gate is open. “I want to touch the ox-headed demon dyed in darkness.” “I don’t want to stain the pure white horse-headed demon.” Two beings who can never be permitted to touch each other, despite their mutual affections. So close...yet so far. Those thoughts could only lead to... If they were human,perhaps this could be referred to as “love”.


Takeru, who just graduated from middle school, learns that his father has suddenly remarried. While being happy for him, Takeru leads, what he believes to be a boring life. His only hobby is taking pictures of things he finds 'nice' with his cell phone. Upon entering high school, he is taking pictures of some cherry blossoms, when he sees a strange foreign girl and accidentally snaps a picture of her. And thus begins Takeru's interesting new high-school life.

Seishun Panda!

Nagisa's best friend is Yumi who is smart and beautiful. Ryou, her childhood friend, points that out every chance he gets. When Yumi falls in love with Kei, who is as intelligent and beautiful as Yumi, Nagisa tries hard to get the two of them together. But Nagisa soon finds out that Kei likes people with an outgoing Nagisa. Ryou has a crush on Nagisa too! And so a love square forms!!

Shout! (nagata Masami)

Beginning of college; checking out the school clubs... Nagi likes the drama club because it has a cool-looking guy whom Nagi thinks is kind. But once she joins the club he makes the club members do embarrassing things in public--and makes Nagi cry. His name is Rin, known as "Sad Yama." He won't let Nagi quit the club--and he won't let go of her either!

Mobile Suit Gundam-san

In the Kidou Senshi Gundam-san series:1) Saisho no Maki2) Tsuki no Maki3) Mittsume no Maki4) Yottsume no Maki

Black Jack Alive

Using Tezuka's characters, the very best artists were allowed to let loose and adapt his characters into short stories.

Kanojo No Namida Ga Yuki Da Toshitara

From Shoujo Crusade: After an intended confession turns into a grave accident, Tougo wakes up four years later with the failed attempt clearly etched in his memory. He sets out to confess again, but just how much has changed in those four years?