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Dr. Slump

Dr. Slump. When a dumb inventor, Senbei Norimaki, creates a precocious robot named Arale, it turns out his design is more than he intended! Senbei tried to get Arale to work in the light of his scientific success so that the rest of the Penguin Village had no reason to doubt that she wasn't really a child. First, however, Senbei wants to find her a pair of glasses and some clothes.

Hiru To Yoru No Oishii Jikan

hiru to yoru no oishii jikan. mahiru asaoka started living with one of his father's friends after his father moved abroad: the dismissive novelist, yoruko kitagawa. while being around a young man, she goes around without a bra, and refuses to eat mahiru's meals. his efforts to make her eat end in ...!?

Sword Art Online (novel)

sword art online (novel). in the year 2022, gamers rejoice like no other as sword art online-a vrmmorpg (virtual reality massively multiplayer online role playing game) opens its virtual doors, enabling players to take full advantage of the ultimate in gaming technology: nervegear, a system that allows users to fully immerse themselves in the game world by manipulating their brain waves to create an entirely different game world. realistic experience of gambling. but when the game goes live, the players' elation quickly turns to horror as they discover that sao lacks one of the most basic functions of any mmorpg-a log-out button for all of its amazing features. now stuck in aincrad's virtual universe, their bodies kept hostage in the real world by nervegear, users are being given a chilling ultimatum: conquer all one hundred aincrad floors to reclaim your liberty. yet in the twisted sao universe, "game over" means certain virtual and actual death-both ...

House Of Dolls

house of dolls. the mysterious woman has people who are under her control. don't be fooled by the devilish smile! a full-length webtoon by the legendary famous author lee jongkyu, and of the god-artist rigeng.

Cajole A Childe Into Being My Boyfriend

cajole a childe into being my boyfriend. st. vincent high school, which has always been known as the nunnery, has recently been moved to two super pretty teenagers at the same time! thanks to unintentionally bumping into the secrets of the two, dora started a curious friendship with them on the first day of school. i just want to teach you a lesson, what the hell is confession?

Chasing The Sun

chasing the sun. a kele has always sought to live her life unmoved by others, choosing to judge individuals with her own eyes. she moves in with her aunt because of her mother working overseas and soon meets a charming host named yan shu. though intrigued by him, she's determined to work hard at school and her upper classmate, bai yiran, would appreciate her.

Otome No Harawata Hoshi No Iro

otome no harawata hoshi no iro. twenty years ago we ve aliens came to earth to pursue marriage partners. we ve is perverted, and love to breed. they have solved all the earth's problems relating to the climate, food, and energy with their advanced technology.

Muchuu Sa, Kimi Ni.

muchuu sa, kimi ni. 1. kawaii hito 2. tomodachi ni natte kuremasen ka 3. kaku-ha 4. hashire yamada! 5. ushiro no nikaidou 6. omake no nikaidou 7. ushiro no nikaidou: kyoufu no shuugaku ryokou-hen

Kumika No Mikaku

kumika no mikaku. outsiders are common on earth. kumika is one of those aliens who can get nutrients by only breathing and thus doesn't need to feed, but she takes a bite of earth food from unexpected circumstances and has her first taste of delicious earth food. by eating the uptight kumika learns new tastes and awakens to all kinds of emotions.

Youjo Senki Restaurant

youjo senki restaurant. tanya degurechaff is an incarnation of a japanese salesman, who now has turns into a sociopathic child soldier. she's forced to fight an eternal battle by the all-powerful being x. yet even soldiers need to feed. so join tanya as she samples fine meals from wartime.


arte. firenze, italy, at 16th century. one artistic ambitious girl! the birthplace of renaissance-era where art thrives. in one tiny corner of this large city, one sheltered girl's journey starts. she, who was born into a noble family, dreams of an impossible career: becoming an artist. in those days, art was a profession which exclusively belongs to male, and women somehow face severe discrimination. arte perseveres with hard work and a good mindset despite all the obstacles! during the renaissance period of the 16th century, arte was born into an aristocratic family in florence. being a girl, being an artist was unheard of for one. driven by her love of fashion, arte is willing to throw away her aristocratic lifestyle in order to become an artist.

Hell's Kitchen

hell's kitchen. dogma, the earl of bad eating comes to train satoru, a high school student, into the perfect cook. yet what awaits satoru at the end of his workout is death alone. his teacher is not an ordinary nobleman but a hell demon who wants to eat his soul, spiced up with a lifetime of experience in cooking. would satoru leave his usual life to become this evil earl's puppet? why does he deal with the expiry date of his life?


delicious!: the vision of ringo nonohara is that of becoming a star. while she can't cook, in a cooking show named "delicious time," which will also be featuring the star she idolates, mahito ishizaka, she tries out for lead. however, when she learns that the final stage of the competition will mean she will have to prepare a meal, ringo calls on her good friend, chef, and neighbor next door, tsutsui kazuomi. thanks to kazuomi's help and her own cute persona, she is chosen for "delicious time." thus begin trials as ringo tries to become a star.

Chotto Ippai!

chotto ippai!. momiji miyahara is a very ordinary schoolgirl. she lives alone in her apartment, sometimes with her aunt. one day, she was forced to go home because she had lost her bus pass. she got lost and ended up in front of koharuya bar. suddenly, a little girl pulls her inside and tells her to start working! thus the life of momiji begins as a part-timer ...

Touhou ~ Starving Marisa's Blessed Meal

touhou ~ starving marisa's blessed meal.


diner. a story of how the life of ooba kanako has changed completely. a normal 25-year-old girl whose life suddenly change for the worse, when she tend tables at a restaurant for assassins. a life altering event happened, when a criminal couple on the street asked her for help.


konyakusei. because her parents recently passed away, hanaoka sanchi married saionji koichi from her high school. however, are they going to truly fall in love with each other along the way?

Record Of Yun Hai Celestial Chef

record of yun hai celestial chef. food is the most important thing for everyone — the gods in the heavens like delicious food, too. in the heavenly realm, however, delicacies can be eaten, but they can also be used in battles! pheonix siew mai, flaming lava bi fang, crystal pruning shrimp noodles ... your imagination is the limit of what you can eat. watch san chi go down the path of cultivation to become a food god. using food to represent a whole new world of martial art and to encourage foodies to be eaten far and close in the world of food.

Yurucamp △

yurucamp △. rin, a girl camping on her own at the base of mt. fuji. nadeshiko, a girl who came to see mt. fuji on her horse. the scenery of the two witnesses over a cup ramen dinner marks the beginning of a new relationship and many adventures to come, camping in the great outdoors!


eatable. 2019 on new year's eve, a city in northern china was struck by meteorites. fifteen days later on lantern festival, giant plants emerged from the same location result in casualties. people fleeing from the city. after this, many flora and fauna become deadly monsters. this changes make human as "eatable" that serve directly on the dining table. all thought that this will be the end of the world, but it didn't. the mutants only engulfed the city and other surrounding city, thus become the besieged city.

When We Bloom

when we bloom. lee rowa, is a first-year high school student. one day while standing in the empty area behind the school building, something happened. she was soon being threatened, “you better keep your promise”.

Madoka's Secret

madoka's secret. madoka is a charming little boy, who grew up under the care of his older sister. he enjoys playing with dolls, sleeping with stuffed animals and wearing feminine clothing. when madoka moves to a new house, he meets itsuki, a charming tomboy next door.

Akuyaku Ouji Wa Koi Ga Dekinai

akuyaku ouji wa koi ga dekinai. this is a romantic-comedy manga starring a rich family's clever and handsome son. he's only ever studied in middle school, and everybody said that he's very plain, like a background character. he enacts a scheme to alter his appearance in order to look more like a "main character" and get the perfect girlfriend when he gets to high school.

I Became The Class Representative

i became the class representative. the red haired boy's tale, and the braided glass girl.

Yue Shi

yue shi. welcome to the lunar eclipse circus! the demons will cause chaos in the earth during the night of the lunar eclipse. a boy with red hair and scarlet eyes carrying solomon's strength will descend.

Mako-san Wa Shindemo Jiritsu Shinai

mako-san wa shindemo jiritsu shinai. it has been a year since rin transferred to secondary school in tokyo. he was told by his flat's landlord that if he takes care of the landlord's wife, which he instantly agreed, he would not have to pay rent. the granddaughter, mako, ended up becoming a 20-year-old college student who's utterly unable to take care of herself. even so, it was rin's love at first sight, and he has ever since taken care of her.

Nanahoshi To Tachibana

nanahoshi to tachibana. in a tiny village surrounded by trees, a bakery is run by a pair of short twins. sometimes the forest becomes gloomy, sometimes there's a heart beat, or tears shed. this is a feel good story of the laughter and sadness these two girls have with their customers.

Touken Ranbu Anthology ~ Records Of Fresh Breeze~

touken ranbu anthology ~ records of fresh breeze~. a manga anthology based on the dmm games/nitroplus browser game touken ranbu -online-. ddm delivers worldwide video game business expertise with a personal touch and a proven methodology on behalf of our clients. one of the main characters of this comic is named shiota haruto, an adorable younger sister.

1/2 Prince

1/2 prince. when feng lan's brother persuaded her to play second life, a virtual reality game, he assured her that she would be doted upon as a child. she was denied her special request for a male avatar to show she could be a better player than him even without an impairment. her adventures begin in this online rpg, as she explores both the game and what it is like to be known as a child.


w-juliet. makoto amano wants to be an actor but his strict father has decreed that makoto's only way to fulfill his dream is to spend the last two years of high school as a child! he's easy to make friends with famous tomboy ito miura, another drama enthusiast at this new high school and the only student to find out about his secret — but are they more than pals?