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Dr. Slump

Dr. Slump. When a dumb inventor, Senbei Norimaki, creates a precocious robot named Arale, it turns out his design is more than he intended! Senbei tried to get Arale to work in the light of his scientific success so that the rest of the Penguin Village had no reason to doubt that she wasn't really a child. First, however, Senbei wants to find her a pair of glasses and some clothes.

Touhou - Hito To Ifuji Wa Hito To Hito Ga Sasae Atsute Unnun!! (doujinshi)

Today is a "No Humans Allowed" day at the SDM, so Sakuya is kicked out. Why Remilia does this to Sakuya?

Harry Potter - Potter Addicts (doujinshi)

A very fluffy story about Sirius and Remus that takes place after the end of book three.

Futaridake No Kyoushitsu

they have / it has / it is the last day of school before vacation and Yuki waits for the perfect possibility to give Koharu her chocolates and confess her feelings for him, but she cannot bring herself to take action when the classroom continues to be filled up with her classmates!She even pleads the curtain to conceal them and present her the opportunity to take the chocolates out of her bag. When will Yuki finally muster up her courage to confess? Will the perfect opportunity ever present itself?

Ib - Goaisatsu Manga (doujinshi)

A funny story about garry "visiting" Ib's home

Sensei Wa Dummy

Yunogi has no working experience, but after being tricked into thinking he got a normal job out of luck, it turns out it's not so normal after all. Yunogi has to act as horror writer Kirino Shuusuke's dummy (i.e., stand-in).

Kuroko No Basuke Dj - Who Knows

When Aomine finds out Kagami's been kissed multiple times by Alex, he wants to kiss Alex too. Clearly the best solution is to indirectly kiss her by kissing Kagami.

Touhou Dj - Andante

The feminine Haru is the eldest, comes with an incredible nasty character. The male Gorou is slightly younger than the sister, but his character is quite not the same as hers. That is a 4-koma crack comedy about their wacky daily life.

Harry Potter - Fifty Fifty (doujinshi)

Ron means the world for Harry, but lately there’s a sneaky voice in Harry’s mind who’s telling him Ron is growing away from him. Not dealing too well with Ron sudden need for detachment, Harry will do something stupid.

Shining Star Clamp

Imonoyama Taichirou falls in love at first sight with an Indian professor he meets at Oxford University. Soon after he returns to CLAMP School he finds that the person he saw has come to CLAMP School as a guest lecturer and he decides to try and win the man's heart. This was one of the first stories published in oneshot format CLAMP, 12 members back then. It was first published in the CLAMP BOOK doujinshi. Then, published directly in Volume format in 1987, and re-edited in 1990 by Kadokawa Shoten.

Ib - Ib Saves Mary (doujinshi)

A story about an alternate ending of "Ib" which is a really popular survival horror game made with RPG Maker.

Touhou - Yumeutsutsu (doujinshi)

Maribel and Renko. resembling a light novel than a manga.

Harry Potter - Day After Day (doujinshi)

Whilst angsting about his fame, Harry comes across Draco reading dirty books in the back room of the library.

Touhou - Remilia Cooking!! (doujinshi)

A Short story, Remi ate patchy's food. So Patchy arrage a punishment game for Remi. A cake made by Remi.

Touhou - Lost All The Masks ~searching Starting Now~ (doujinshi)

Hata no Kokoro’s mask are gone one morning. Now how will she show any emotion?

Touhou Dj - Reverse

This time is Reimu x Alice, with the tsundere turned well up.

Sengoku Basara Dj - Shirayuki

Pairing: Masamune x Yukimura Yukimura delivers a package to Oushu, but is unused to winter weather.

Harry Potter - Gray Scale (doujinshi)

This brilliant Harry Potter doujinshi takes place between the “Order of the Phoenix” and “The Half Blood Prince” events. As Harry deals with the grief of Sirius’s death as well as the sequels of his possession by Lord Voldemort he starts isolating himself more than ever. Will Ron manage to break this invisible wall between them? Discover more in this neat HarryxRon story!

Ib - Kanojo Ni Mo, (doujinshi)

A really touching story of Ib, Mary and Garrybased on "Ib" a really popular survival horror game made with RPG Maker.note: do not upload to other sites without the proper credits to the author's pixiv

Touhou - Touhou Wedding (doujinshi)

This time Marisa and Alice are to be the happy couple. But before that they must fight for marriage equality in Gensokyo. Yuri Right.

Harry Potter - Honey Days Honey Magic (doujinshi)

Honey Days contains several short stories that are both funny and sweet. They all take place during the ‘Goblet of Fire’ chain of events