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Read Biomega Manga


Manga • 3 weeks ago

Set in the future, the story follows Zouichi Kanoe and his AI friend, Fuyu Kanoe, whose luminous shape is built into the structure of his motorcycle.

Latest : Chapter 42
Read Red (Naoki Yamamoto) Manga

Red (Naoki Yamamoto)

Manga • 4 weeks ago

Set in the political turmoil of Japan in the 1960s.

Latest : Chapter 7
Read Crueler Than Dead Manga

Crueler Than Dead

Manga • 1 month ago

Akagi Maki, a freshman from college, after waking up in an empty room, hears the cries of someone just to discover a little child under a pile of rubble.

Latest : Chapter 1
Read Karada Sagashi Manga

Karada Sagashi

Manga • 1 month ago

Asuka is asked by her friend Haruka to search for her body-parts.

Latest : Chapter 13
Read Dogs: Bullets & Carnage Manga

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

Manga • 2 months ago

Badou is a heavy chain smoker and partner, who goes crazy when he denied the right to smoke.

Latest : Chapter 101
Read Rurouni Kenshin Manga

Rurouni Kenshin

Manga • 1 month ago

140 years ago, a warrior emerged with the arrival of the American "Black Ships" in Kyoto, crushing people with his bloodstained sword, obtaining the name "Hitokiri", man slayer!

Latest : Chapter 258
Read Evergreen (Kasukabe Akira) Manga

Evergreen (Kasukabe Akira)

Manga • 2 months ago

Yoshimatsu Hotaka is the president of the Manga Club, and he's always attentive to his studies and club duties, even though he's used to skipping class activities.

Latest : Chapter 23
Read Coppelion Manga


Manga • 2 months ago

The collapse of a nuclear power plant in Japan in 2016 is causing a global disaster.

Latest : Chapter 233
Read God Mazinger Manga

God Mazinger

Manga • 2 months ago

A modern day story, about Mazinger is an ancient weapon of the gods, left on earth to defend it against the evil gods.

Latest : Chapter 19
Read Dragon Ball Sd Manga

Dragon Ball Sd

Manga • 2 months ago

The accidents.

Latest : Chapter 35
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