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A Pervert's Daily Life

Let's say Jinwoo and Seyoung got off to a rocky beginning. Not realizing Seyoung would be staying with a male employee in a company dorm, her immediate superior in that, she barred into his space assuming it was hers. Her timing couldn't have been more inappropriate because Jinwoo was right in the middle of his enjoyment.

Wizard's Soul

Wizard's Soul - Koi no Seisen Manga Summary: "Wizard's Soul" is a competitive trading card game famous the world over (based heavily on a certain real life game with the intials M, T, and G). Skilled players are popular, make a lot of money, and are even offered acceptance to prestigious universities. Follow the story of Manaka as she struggles with love, money, and friendship in a world run by cards.

Soredemo Bokura Wa Koi O Suru

Keeping a secret in her, Ayu went back to her hometown. She decided not to fall in love anymore, but....?

Fushigi Na Hito

Ruka is a high school girl who holds affections for her teacher, Tokio. But one day, a mysterious person shows up and claims that he has come from the past! Not to mention, he calls himself by the same name as her beloved teacher, Tokio. What’s more unbelievable is that both “Tokio” have the exact same scar engraved on their palm… 1) Mysterious Person 2) A Small Love Story 3) Cloe the Devil 4) Alice in Wonderland 5) Sugar-Coat 6) The Star and The Heart

Ikenai Ezuke Keikaku

Can love begin on a construction site? This story is full of love between men! Suzukawa, a worker who works in a nice building, enjoys lunches. While opening his bento as usual, he went to the famous chef Mikage Senju, who spoke with an air of superiority. Suzukawa, in hearing how the food was insulted, gets carried away by the provocation and Mikage decides to accompany him home, where a delicious meal test takes place. Will he be satisfied...?

Floral Mirror Of The Moon

In the 24th generation of Kings of the Joseon Dynasty, a boatman known as Seo-mok unknowingly helped a mysterious woman and Japanese spies who were disguised as rich Korean men to cross a river. But after crossing the river, they tried to kill Seo-mok... Left with no choice, Seo-mok then took the woman hostage--and soon, secrets began to unfold.

Skyhigh 4

New installment of the Skyhigh series.

Love My Life

[From Kotonoha]: Ichiko Izumiya is a young student of English who would like to walk in the footsteps of her father is a translator of trendy American novels. She finally decides to confess to him that she is in love with Eriko, a law student. Ichiko will attempt to live out her homosexuality in peace and will be brought to wonder about the nature of her relationship: is she really homosexual or simply in love with a sensitive being who happens to be of the same sex?

Oishii Study

Itsuki Ringo (yes, her name means 'apple') is the top student of her freshman class with one talent: studying. Coerced by her mother into tutoring the abrasive upperclassman, Tsurugi Budou (who happens to be the brother of her crush, Tsurugi Minori), Ringo unwittingly finds herself butting heads with the rebellious Budou more often than getting any actual tutoring done. In an attempt to find out why Budou hates studying so much and skips tutoring, Ringo spies on him. She discovers a whole other facet to Budou's harsh character, and soon finds herself falling for him.

One Day

Various short stories from an upcoming Chinese Manhua artist, Benjamin.Two stories are in black & white, while two other stories are evidence for Benjamin's profound sense for colored illustrations.The main character of the entitled story, male and contemptuous of how people from his parents generation live their life, spends a day when everything goes wrong. At the end of the story, he realizes that he himself is on the same path as the older generation.

Togari Shiro

Togari continues the story of Tobei as he continues to rid of 108 sins to free himself from hell.

Scoundrel - Scandalous Honey

Aihara Shinobu is a high school student and lovely model. One day in Shibuya, she's handled roughly by a gang leader named Kyou, who insists he will make her his woman unless she can produce a boyfriend. Shinobu turns to her unrequited love, a true gentleman named Hibiki, the utter opposite of Kyou, and begs him to play the part. But what Shinobu doesn't realize is how long Kyou and Hibiki have waited for this moment...

Kirakira Hikare

Mizuno Iruka is a high school girl who spends her every day perfectly peacefully and ordinarily. She has someone she likes, but she always looks at him only from afar. Then one day, Moriyama-kun, the one she’s always admired, asked her out surprisingly, and they’re suddenly getting closer!! But is there a deep reason behind it…?! - Divine Sanctuary


Loosely based on "Dogura Magura", a novel written in 1935 by Yumeno Kyuusaku

Onnanoko Play

Junichi Sasaki joins his school's drama club upon entering high school. However, he soon finds himself dressing up as a girl for his first stage performance.

Yankee-kun To Pantsu No Oujisama

From Girls' Generation Scanlations: “Are you wearing the underwear I gave you?” Suoh-san, the school prince with a dazzling smile, is my lover. I, a delinquent feared by all the other students, got hard with just one kiss. He's gonna find out just by looking at the shape (-口- ") !!! Don't take off my underwear! Don't tug on it! Don't lick it (>_

Saratte Watashi No Knight

An anthology of Chiho Saito's short stories.1. Saratte Watashi No KnightThe title story, and a the sequel to the first short story in "Aru Hi, Knight ni Attanara" ("One Day, While Meeting a Knight") - Masterpiece Collection 6.2. Honoka Ni Purple - Extra Story3. Wedding to Yuu4. Haruru Yoruru


Shima Akio and Soma Yoshino are lovers, facing the reality of their fourth year in university. No matter how much they try and think things over, they can’t quite figure out what to do about their parents, their friends, or even their own relationship. This is the story of their youth. Youth fraught with pain and regret.

Otona No Mondai

Naoto is a stressed-out college student doing his best to juggle the eccentricities of his divorced parents with his own burgeoning romance. His stress deepens after his gay father proposes to the handsome and elegant male lover. This is a humourous series by Ima Ichiko about the modern, dysfunctional family.

Puroresu Kyousoukyoku

From a genius in the world of Bande Dessinée comics, Nicolas de Crécy comes La Republique du Catch (the Republic of Pro-Wrestling), a 200 page comic serialized in Ultra Jump from July 2014 to January 2015. It's a story about Mario, a piano salesman who aspires to gain favor in the eyes of Bernice, a member of the Republic of Pro-Wrestling.


Stork, the man with no memories, and Tit, the boy with no home, travel across the grim world where the sky is grey and the birds are believed extinct. They have met accidentally and continued together, both searching. Stork searches for his past and Tit searches for a bird. They are followed by the dark mysterious man, who may have relation to Stork's past.

Katsuai No Ouji-sama

Koyuki started dating a super handsome guy named Kanomitsu, who is known as the Prince of Ice because of his cold words and manners. Being touched by his true kindness and straightforward love, they were able to live a peaceful life, until his brother suddenly makes an appearance. That's when she discovers the truth of what had made him lock away his heart...

Made In Heaven

From Tokyopop: After a near-fatal car accident, surgeons rebuilt Reiji with prosthetic parts and renamed him Himejima Kazemichi. It was a second chance at life...but there was no guarantee that his new body would last. As his artificial heart runs down, Kazemichi embarks on a journey to discover what his life really means, and live--and love--to the fullest. Along the way, he uncovers dark secrets about his past...including the organization that was responsible for resurrecting him...

My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought

my dearest self with malice aforethought. urashima eiji, a college student, goes to sleep after a nice night of drinking with his buddies. when he wakes up, he discovers a beautiful girl next to him who treats him as if they were in a loving relationship. later, eiji finds out that 3 days have passed since he left with his crew. what did he do all that time, and why doesn't he have any recollection of it? by facing this fact, he will be caught in a tragedy.

Hell Knight

Dio is a rock vocalist that got stuck in a battle against the Hell Princes on Earth. In between his glamorous rock & roll life, his pop idol "sister", and being chased by his bitter past, he has to fight the creatures from hell that are trying to kill as many human as possible. This is a start of a Rock and Roll Action Series!

Jisatsu Circle

A disturbing manga inspired by an even more disturbing movie of the same name (aka Suicide Club). As you might expect, they both deal with the theme of suicide. However, the plots of the manga and movie are significantly different, so don't worry about spoilers and such. Finally, I'd just like to point out that the manga isn't for the faint of heart, and the movie even more so.

Yappari Yoru Made Matenai

Haruka is a sweet, innocent high school girl who is very excited to meet her new step-brother, Tsukasa who is in grade school. Tsukasa is in love with Haruka this manga is filled with short stories that take place in 'Your made matenai'. Story 1 takes place 1 year after Tsukasa started to live with Haruka on her school trip. Story 2 takes place 6 months after Tsukasa started to live with Haruka.Side story of Haruka and Tsukasa is in 'Kakedashita Cupid' it is # 6) "Of Course I Can't Wait Until Nightfall" or (Mochiron Yorumade Matenai) if you want to read more short storiesAlso includes:O.HA.YOLove Is Sometimes Like Rain

Rokugatsu No Hengen-san

From Blissful Sin: Within the old and cheap boarding house, Fukujyu, Fine Arts student Haru finds himself rooming with the quietly unconventional Natsu. A shy and reserved young man, Natsu is often the butt of jokes for his classmates and teachers. When nasty rumors about Natsu's past start circulating among their acquaintances, Haru's tepid friendship with Natsu is sure to be tested.