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Read House Of Five Leaves Manga

House Of Five Leaves

Manga • 2 weeks ago

Masterless samurai Akitsu Masanosuke is an accomplished and trustworthy swordsman, but his unexperienced, diffident nature has always led him to be let go by the lords who employed him.

Latest : Chapter Thirty-Four
Read La Dolce Vita Di Adelaide Manhwa

La Dolce Vita Di Adelaide

Manhwa Full Color • 2 weeks ago

Was I reborn?

Latest : Chapter 82
Read Ebony Manhwa


Manhwa Full Color • 7 days ago

If she's going to live her life dead in silence ...

Latest : Chapter 45
Read Valentine Kiss Manhwa

Valentine Kiss

Manhwa Full Color • 1 week ago

Cursed by God to live nine miserable lifetimes on earth as a human being.

Latest : Chapter 38
Read Ruler Of The Land Manhwa

Ruler Of The Land

Manhwa Full Color • 3 weeks ago

The young Bi-Kwang is a handsome warrior who upon seeing a beautiful girl, he'll become a drooling mess.

Latest : Chapter 580
Read Black Winter Manhwa

Black Winter

Manhwa Full Color • 4 weeks ago

A young boy was cursed on a dark winter night

Latest : Chapter 20
Read Bokura No Kiseki Manga

Bokura No Kiseki

Manga • 1 week ago

From a young age, Minami Harusumi had recurring dreams about Veronica, a princess whose kingdom is on the brink of destruction. He believes that they are the memories of his past life, and that they are his reincarnation. His peers are mocking him for this. One day he rediscovers magic when the ridiculous escalates to harassment — something Veronica had learned and used. His pas reassured

Latest : Chapter 102
Read Baikoku Kikan Manga

Baikoku Kikan

Manga • 1 month ago

At the beginning of the 20th century, a tiny republic was squeezed between the monarchy and the empire-both of which tried to exploit the republic to match their own needs.

Latest : Chapter 8
Read Inuyasha Manga


Manga • 1 month ago

Kagome was just a regular girl, until one day she fell into a well that took her to Japan in the feudal era.

Latest : Chapter 558
Read Daughter Of The Emperor Manhwa

Daughter Of The Emperor

Manhwa Full Color • 1 week ago

Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre-Agrigent is ridiculously long name, of a princess, born into royalty and becoming the center attention.

Latest : Chapter 193
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