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Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii

Narumi Momose is a small and sweet young woman who loves idols, games, and anything related to anime or manga, particularly in the love genre of the boys. She's a closet otaku, in other words, and more importantly, a fujoshi. She quits her job after a breakup due to these interests and joins a new business. On her new workplace, her childhood friend Hirotaka Nifuji, a frank gaming otaku; Hanako Koyanagi, a calm and mature-looking beauty, are the only colleagues who know about her secret; and Tarou Kabakura, an athletic guy with a scary face who often gets into fights with Hanako. Hirotaka encourages Narumi to date someone who can appreciate her interests while getting drinks to catch up. But she is hesitant — otakus are usually viewed as disgusting, and the only ones who can comprehend them are otakus. Or could there function a connection between two otakus? Following Narumi and Hirotaka's relationship as they start dating, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii is a light-hearted tale about those who try to balance jobs, relationships, and hobbies.

Kako E No Tobira

Had she found her identity or her destiny?Rebel had been fortunate to be adopted-by the James family. The Australian clan fully supported her search for her mother's roots--even though it took her to England.But when Rebel arrived at Davenport Hall, the English manor where her mother had stayed as a five-year-old war orphan, she was surprised to discover the earl actually seemed to be expecting her.Hugh Davenport was not what Rebel had imagined--he was far too handsome and sexy. And Rebel, Hugh discovered, was not the new nanny after all. But none of that mattered. Rebel knew Hugh and his fiery little niece needed her. She'd stay because she had already opened her heart--she needed them too!

Anata O Wasuretai

Terry has been in love with J.B for 7 years. He is a wealthy and powerful playboy, but he took her in when she had nowhere else to go, and was like family to her. She hoped he would reciprocate her love one day...but J.B breaks her heart instead. "Do you think I would ever want you?" he tells her. Distraught, Terry runs out of the house and is involved in a road accident. When she awakes, her memory has reverted to when she was 17... When J.B used to care for her...

Miwaku No Dokushin Kizoku

In the Miwaku no Dokushin Kizoku (Bachelor Cousins) series: V.1 - Kojou ni Tsudou Ai (To Marry McKenzie) Greek tycoon Demetrios Karas can't concentrate. He's tried professional distance--and failed! Now he's in danger of blowing his whole business deal if he doesn't make his translator, Samantha Brewster, his mistress.... Satisfaction at last! As Demetrios expected, they are made for each other in the bedroom! Yet Samantha seems willing only to stay until the end of her three-month contract. Until a new commitment surprises them both--one that will begin in nine months.... V.2 - Nazomeita Bijo (To Marry McCloud) Fergus McCloud couldn't quite remember how he'd first met Chloe Fox...but circumstances indicated that they'd slept together pretty soon afterward! Actually, they hadn't. But Chloe's mission was to persuade Fergus not to publish a book that would ruin her family. What better way than to prolong the pretense of their being lovers? Only, Fergus wanted to rediscover the delights of their night "together"—and he intended to be present this mind as well as body! V.3 - Ubawareta Kuchibiru (To Marry McAllister) Brice McAllister, the world's renowned artist, instantly falls for Sabina as soon as he meets the gorgeous supermodel's gaze. He has agreed to paint her portrait only to quiet the insistent billionaire who demanded Brice to paint his fiancee's portrait at any price. The meeting arouses his desire to draw Sabina. However, once he starts to work on the portrait, Sabina does not hide her fear and avoids his gaze. It is as if she believes allowing him to draw her is a sin...

Muku Na Koushaku Fujin

Revenge, passion, and a convenient marriage… Duke Javier Herrera is a ruthless Spanish billionaire. He’s learnt the hard way never to fall in love. Now he needs a wife if he’s to inherit the family banking business. Grace Beresford is the daughter of a man who’s fleeced Javier of millions, and he sees an opportunity for revenge and a convenient wife. At first, Javier doesn’t care that Grace hates him – all he wants is her body. But then he finds that even this small price is one she refuses to pay…despite their explosive mutual attraction. How long can Grace remain his wife in name only?

Cinderella No Kake

"You're not the type of girl who can attract a man. If you get proposed to within the next month, I'll give you a thousand dollars!" Charlotte is a talented graphic designer, who spends her days in baggy jeans with ruffled hair. She knew her best friend, Gabe, doesn't see her as a lady, but if he's going to make such a bet, she can't just take it lying down! Charlotte decides to get back at Gabe by dramatically transforming herself...

Tsumetaku, Amai

From Blue Flor: A series of one shots about couples' struggles and happiness. The subtlety and tensions of the stories are all aided by Shigisawa's delicately realistic style.

An Officer And A Princess

The Kingdom of Edenbourg is shaken with the king's disappearance. Princess Isabel decides to rescue her abducted father on her own. She plans to slip into a pub to find clues, posing as a married couple with Lieutenant Adam. "I will count on you after i get into trouble," the princess says to Adam, who tries to stop her because it is too dangerous. Adam prepares himself for the mission instead. On the day of the investigation, at the pub, Adam finds Isabel dressed so luscious that she looks like a loose woman!

Tokyo Marble Chocolate

This is a sweet and heartwarming love story, told from the different viewpoint of the two young lovers, a girl named Chizuru and a boy named Yudai. They mean well but cannot seem to succeed at love. They want their relationship to succeed but a combination of uneasiness and lack of self-confidence keeps them from advancing to the next step. Sometimes, it takes an unexpected third party to intervene in order to make two people realize what is right in front of them. That is exactly what happens in this story.

Marriage Wanted

Savannah lives in the world of love and romance as a bridal coordinator, and the man who believes in none of it is Dash, a divorce lawyer. With completely opposite views on marriage, they clash over Savannah taking on Dash's sister's wedding! Whose position is stronger...and who can prove it?

Musical Scale City

From The Zero Alliance: The temple protects the City of Sound by having hymns sung every day. But why does the sound echo throughout the temple? Why does the song seem like a requiem? And why are the hymns so important that…. the city will collapse if they stop?!

Pretty In Blue

From Covenant of Darkness: Face, body, and talent, all 3 are what conspires Misako’s love for the star of the basketball club, with a genius ability and super beautiful Urasawa-kun. However, Misako's first and last profession of love in her lifetime was drastically discarded. Strangely, Urusawa-kun decided to model nudely for an art exhibition in hopes to winning a prize because he has an eye for that thing. The lingering affection is banned and the conditions that sends Misako's heart to abide… A romantic comedy treasure!?

Arcana 05: Japanese Style And Samurai

Volume 5 : Japanese Style and Samurai1. The Overnight Rain Stops by Minekura Kazuya (or "Last Night's Rain Lifts")2. Our Detective Story by Saeki Yashiro3. The Thunder God and the Wind God by Gunjou4. Samurai Soul by Asada Yasuka5. Takeda-sama, the Town Magistrate by Mazaki Haruka6. Tenmatsu, the Kabuki Actor with a Charming Figure by Ueda Shinshu7. Mushroom and Kappa - Arcana Compilation for Ninjas on Business Trips by Magami Guriko8. Confetti in the Fish Tank by Akanatsu9. Moonlight Sei-kun by Aoto Takane10. Urahara by Kouzuki Leo11. Pure Land Eye Story by Kayase Shiki12. The Queens Dog by Araishi Ikkyou & Oshino Hikaru13. Kakure Oni by Mikanagi Touya14. Absolute Obedience, The Peach's Rebellion by Yoshizawa Tomoya15. Miokuribana by Kikuta Yui16. Swordplay by Shindou Arashi

Arcana 16: Fairy Tales/nursery Tales

Amount 16 : Fairy Stories/Nursery Stories1.The Golden Wolf and Red Using Hoodby Takayama Shinobu2.3.4.Shiroby Kaede Tooru and Mizutani Yuzu5.The Snake Kingby Kayase Shiki6.Little Mermanby Kari Erika7.JUST A LITTLE Old Japan Taleby Ogaki Chika8.Akazukin-san to Ookami-sanby Ninagawa Tomo9.10.11.Stork's Contractby Akanatsu12.13.14.The Centennial Brier and the Oblivious Princess (The 100 Season Thorns and the Unknowing Princess)by Akazaki Mutsumi15.16.Godfather Loss of life Godby Sakura Maro

Pet Shop Of Horrors

A smoke-filled alley in Chinatown harbors Count D's Pet Shop. The pets sold here aren't your everyday variety and the Count prides himself on selling Love and Dreams in the form of magical creatures that come with an exclusive contract. But buyers beware. If the contract is broken the Count cannot be held accountable for whatever may happen. A fascinating and macabre look into the very soul of human nature.

Saikai Wa Nigaku, Ai Wa...

from fictiondb: Strictly business When Lauren Martin had set out to get an exclusive interview with Cole Adams, millionaire owner of a recording company, she hadn't anticipated them making headlines--as a couple. But their relationship had ended bitterly six months later, when Lauren realized their lives were taking very different paths. Since then, she'd resumed her career and reshaped her life. Until her editor assigned her to get the inside scoop on Cole's impending marriage--an assignment that Cole had specifically asked that Lauren cover! Lauren knew she didn't have a choice about doing the article, but she sure had a choice about the way she'd conduct herself with Cole--she'd be cool and professional. After all, those heady days--and nights--they'd shared were definitely yesterday's news....

Cinderella Ni Kutsu O

"Do you know who I am?" Rebecca, a girl with no memory and a missing shoe, arrives at Angus's private detective agency. She found his business card in her coat pocket, but Angus does not know who she is. Angus invites the shivering and frightened girl into his warm home where he lives with his young daughter. Soon they become powerfully attracted to each other, but on the morning after they first make love, a man claiming to be Rebecca's fiance appears...!

Arcana 02: Rebel And Phantom Thief

Volume 2 : Rebel and Phantom Thief1. Candy by Haibara Yaku2. "Such a Story" by Mazaki Haruka3. Flies by Minekura Kazuya4. Arabiana by Mizuhara Kenta5. The Ancient History of the Three Thieves by Takayama Shinobu6. THE EXPERIENCE of Captain Arco Iris by Tsutsumi Shouko7. Skyhigh Tension by Fujimura Ayumi8. Mushroom and Kappa: Arcana compilation for thieves on business trips by Magami Guriko9. The Lonely Mountain Robber by Tachibana Ayun10. Lanekeeper by Fujiwara Yuu11. Moonlight Honey by Shindou Arashi12. The Unlucky Pirate by Asada Yasuka13. Strobo Rider by Kouzuki Reo14. Moonlight Dance by Kouga Yun

My Real Fake Boyfriend

Rachel likes Nathan, but he thinks she's a tramp. Rachel's grandmother then asks for Rachel's and Nathan's help to get back her love letters which was stolen that could lead to a scandal.

Manatsu No Mermaid

Anna is a doctor at a clinic in a small village. During one busy summer season, Sam, Anna's childhood acquaintance and rival, comes to help out at the clinic. He is now a TV-celebrity doctor, and although Anna is glad of the extra help, he can't film the clinic for his show! They can argue about absolutely anything, but she cannot let Sam know that her heart flickers with feelings of desire whenever he shows her his masculine side...

Gokai Ga Maneita Ai

Ally's husband died in a car accident 4 months ago with an unknown woman in the passenger seat. The woman is soon identified as the wife of a well-known Italian duke. Not knowing what to do with her grief, Ally flies to Rome in the hope of meeting the woman's widower and consoling each other over their loss... However, not only is she turned away by the security guards at the gate of the duke's mansion, she is abducted by a man named Gino, who throws her into a prison cell! What is going on...?

Peking Reijinshou

From Beijing of the 1920s is where the young and fashionable generation confronts the old and conservative one. During this period of social change, three brothers and one sister struggle to free themselves from the oppressive traditions of their grandfather. Help comes in the unlikely form of a Peking Opera actor, and his lively crew.

Setsunai Himitsu

When Leonie is invited to Rachel Richmond's British country mansion, she has / she is / she actually is immediately impressed by the famous actress's complex style and impeccable manners. Her first impression of Rachel's good-looking kid Luke,however, is some other matter totally! A pleased, aloof man, Luke Richmond needs an instantaneous dislike to Leonie, and, used for you to get his own way, he regularly asks her to leave. But Leonie has been commissioned to create Luke's mother's biography; she has / she is / she actually is not heading everywhere especially now she has / she is / she actually is realised that Luke's acquired something to cover up!

Unmei No Oaite Wa?

"My dream is to be happily married!" Helen, filled with the desire to fall in love, visits the Love Mansion, where a legend claims that if any unmarried woman stays at the mansion on her birthday, the next man she meets will be the man of her destiny! However hearing strange noises in the darkness, Helen starts to regret her idea. "It was reckless for me to come here on my own." Suddenly a large shadow appears in front of her! Who could this be...?


It's a comedy (though at times serious), who's main character is a cute stray Shiba puppy. -Mangaupdates

Futari No Roku Shuukan

When Hilary got a place on the San Francisco Symphony as a flute player, she decides to move into her own place to escape her restricted life with her over-protective mother. Although excited at her new found freedom, it doesn't last for long. The next morning, the quiche she left in the fridge for breakfast was gone, her milk had been used and an unfamiliar bag was in the living room! As she stood confused, a handsome man she had never seen before appeared in front of her and says to her angrily "what are you doing in my house?"

Stars Last Wish

A story about a mysterious child who came from the mountain. The child is not familiar with his background or where he came from, and he roams around carrying a blue flower. He, called Star, is determined to find a man named Garion, who can somehow save the flower from withering in the winter.

Nonchan To Watashi

From Aerandria Scans: Risa and Takumi are childhood friends, but due to a fight in the past, they stopped talking to each other. Now university students, Takumi is a famous playboy who goes out with a different girl every day, and Risa still regrets not having been able to apologize for what she did six years ago...

Princess No Kakurega

Lizzy has taken second place to her beautiful sister, Maria, for too long. One day, Maria dies in a traffic accident and Lizzy decides to adopt her sister's orphaned son, Ben, whose father is unknown. Since then, she has been living a happy life as a single mother. But one day Prince Enrico comes to claim Ben, saying his deceased brother is Ben's father. Ben is the only heir to the throne of his principality. "I have nothing to live for but Ben!" Lizzy firmly refuses Prince Enrico's claim....

A Prince Needs A Princess

Clarissa is on a mission. The Kingdom of Marik needs a prince, and it's Clarissa's job to see that Jack Brown takes on his rightful position--even if he doesn't want to. Is it just Marik and the king that need Jack, or will Clarissa get her prince, too?