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The Witch's House

the witch's house. a little girl named ellen lives in a beautiful mansion full of red roses, deep inside the forest she has everything she wants, but she cannot leave her house because of an illness that kept her in bed. until one day, a nice young girl, viola, came to ellen's mansion, and they became good friends. viola spends a lot of time with her new sickly friend, attracted to her because feeling sorry and friendship. but viola's kindness will be her weakness, as ellen is not what she seems to be...

Bokura Wa Mahou Shounen

bokura wa mahou shounen. kaito odagiri is an average fifth grader, who can handle himself in a fight and loves to show off his ability. he attracted the attention of makoto kaibara, a boy at his school, who show his magic skill, but he needs kaito's help to keep their town peaceful. kaito was happy to be a magical superhero, until he realizes that he will have to protect the town dressed as a girl with the name thrilling pink. although reluctant at first, kaito discovers that there is more to being a magical super hero, than simply looking cute in a skirt.

Witch Sister

witch sister. witch force exists in this world as a force which is unseen but invincible. "witch sister" is a tale of two siblings who inherited the blood of witches — the older brother kyoma, a rookie inspector who could not use any magic, and mikuni, the little shut-in sister who had once gone to the witchcraft school. they solve together grotesque and eerie cases caused by the magic of the witches ...