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From Lezhin: A study group is where students gather together with the same goal in mind and help each other succeed. But not every study group is the same. And nooobody said there had to be a single goal in mind. Sunggi enters a study group that is supposedly focused on studying for the government service exam. But that does not mean that has / that is all they have to do, right?

Glory Age

From the outset, the plot seems to be the typical story of a half-angel, half-human boy with incredible powers (sealed in this case until his human form dies), but in the great Na Yeri style, intrigue and mysteries abound. Little Savian can see angels and devils; in fact, he can touch them and in some instances affect them in powerful ways. Low-rank angels Thunder and Panuel discover his ability as well as the devil Jarob who tries to break the seal on Savian, and for a moment, Savian becomes a golden-eyed nephilim... But then, his human form seals him back...?!

Love Bullet

Every time you sent me one of your fake smiles, my fists clench automatically.If I had a gun in my pocket, I would have shot you.Tied by a secret that keeps him from loving the one he loves, he is Choi EunJo.The handsome and much beloved idol, he is Im Sol - no girl can resist his killer smile.But for Narae, all she feels is disgust.Bam!!Where will Narae's Love Bullet fly?

Imperial Academy

On Christmas eve, a girl dressed in a Santa Claus suit rides a motorcycle so fast that even the gangsters find it hard to keep up... What will happen if the police waiting in ambush catches hold of her mistaking her for a notorious gang leader called SKR?


The cute new heiress of the Jo-Sun throne, Jung Gyuh-Woon!She ends up having two handsome bodyguards by her side!Through all her happiness from being escorted by the knights as the queen, the danger surrounding her slowly creeps closer.Knights, you have to protect the Queen!

Ya! Oee

A ridiculously funny web comic full of slapstick comedy that is bound to keep you grinning throughout!

Jack Frost

Its Noh-As first trip to Amityville SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, and her reception is chilly to state minimal. Brutal might be an improved description! Decapitated however, not dead (or is she??), Noh-A quickly realizes that there is nothing as it seems at Amityville High where paranormal creatures battle for supremacy. Caught in the crossfire, Noh-A may need to rely on the unlikely (and perhaps unreliable) aid of the very most sinister student at Amityville the deadly Jack Frost!

Demon Diary

Gods and demons wage a neverending battle with the mortal realm as their battlefield. Much like most longstanding feuds, the reason why are no more important - hatred is a means of life. Nonetheless it is foretold that you might arise who could restore harmony between gods and demons. Enter Raenef... heir to a couple of demon royalty, he has / he is hardly courtly material. The demon king assigns Eclipse to be his tutor, to mold Raenef into proper demonic shape. Both commence a journey of discovery and are soon joined with a human knight and a god-blessed priest.

My Lovely Master

(If I can make money, I will do anything.)I can sell (give up on) my love, or risk my life.You want to use me as a tool to revenge your little brother [or sister]?Here, I will be used. Buy me.I am very expensive.Eun Hyool, you said you will do anything if you get paid?I will buy every single piece of you.From now on, you are my slave.But, I will refuse your heart.These two are getting used to each other by endlessly running against each other.Love that formed through quarrels is risky like a flower at the end of a cliff!

Cheon Gwan Nyeo

Cheon Gwan Nyeo is the royal gisaeng (geisha) of King Jin-Pyeong, who lived in the Shilla era. However, the poetic general Kim Yoo Shin falls in love with her.

Running Man

This comic is based on events that occurred on the Korean variety show Running Man

Going To The Trolls Kingdom

On the night of her grandfathers funeral, Hwang Keum Lin saw a thief seeking to steal something in her grandfathers house. She chase after him seeking to catch him before he take away anything valuable but he disappear like magic. Her cousin did not believe her that there was a thief no matter how she try to explain. Luckily nothing was missing. However, what can the thief be looking for and how did he break into the strongest security system that money can buy. Little did Hwang Keum Lin know, this is just the beginning and her life will turn upside down, starting from that momentand everything she thought she know is probably not so...

Cherry Tomato

A story of three high school students, that's a little different.


Is there such a thing as a perfect human, and if there is, are they really human or an human in disguise

One Winter

Pinocchio prequel ~ This little series tells the story of the 1st winter Ga On became a ghost.

Cash Girl

Nohae has been crushing on Dona, his neighbor, since they were younger. Dona is a woman who was enthusiastic about money as a kid and would make her youth good friend Nohae actually pay her. Time has transferred and now she has / she is / she actually is a teenager, broke and living on the avenues with her daddy. Her dad fits Nohae and arranges for Dona to live a life with him. But Dona's not your typical heroine. she has / she is / she actually is one particular fake people, retaining a perfect image at university but in leading of her parents she has / she is / she actually is self-absorbed, a glutton, which is quick to nab meals or swindle money. she has / she is / she actually is quick to anger and has a grudge against Nohae, but he desires her very much he has / he has / he is completely unaware.

Paradise City

This is her first work about a rock star serialized on Flower Girl.

Era Of Death

Mok, a son of a Yangban, becomes seriously ill and finds out that he's being protected by four divine spirits and is also gifted with special abilities. After he is cured, he is able to see the world of spirits and ghosts. Fortunately, his new friend Han helps him in his new life between the worlds of humans and spirits, because with these new abilities, new adventures await him...

Be My Sweet Darling

Yoo Nan Hee is a high school girl and also the leader of the drama department. She was always a cheerful person, but everything changed when she began to feel something for Jan Gook Yung. When she discovers that Jan Gook Yung is dating the princess of class 12, Oh Eun Yung, she ends up getting drunk. The poor Jang Gook Yung gets stuck with taking her home but because of an accident he momentarily decides to take her to his house instead.Once there, she accidentally knocks him out and takes his clothes off for him because he fainted. The next morning her parents see the shocking image and decide that they must get married! Now they have to try to live a normal life… if they can…

Crown Princess Project

Joeseon Dynasty, a dynasty most known for its prosperous yet dangerous times... However, some of the history is not written in books... What happened to the life of a little girl living in the Joeseon Dynasty?

Kill Me Kiss Me

When Tae Yeon Im finds out that the idol star that she's adored for ages is currently attending the same school as her identical cousin, Jung-Woo Im. She convinces her cousin to exploit their similitude and switch places, or maybe he just likes wearing a skirt? So, she will dress as him, attend his school, and try to get close to her lover boy. Meanwhile, he will dress as her, attend her school, and revel in its sea of babes. The plan seems flawless until Tae learns of a bully named Ga-Wun Kim who likes to beat up on poor Jung-Woo. While Jung-Woo finds that being a woman might not be as thrilling as perceived.

Bell Princess

Because of a sin she committed in her past life, Princess Bell was born as a golden bell. In order to get back her human appearance, she must find Prince Mukyeol and tie their strings of fate back together. Will the reincarnated lovers be able to meet again?

Todays Department Of Sentimentality

Guy Kim is busy.Soo Ri Oh is busy.So Ryong Rhee is busy.Eun Rae Lee is busy.Actually, everyone is busy.That's why we all have the right to sentimentalize.Forever young.Those that are tired of the busy life~ we provide the best sentimentality you require! A new webtoon by the author of


An anthology of love stories.


William’s mother is now tired of his fantasies and dreams of traveling to the east. He is in danger of getting married and never being able to see the wonders of the world! Through his friend Yan’s help, he sneaks on to a Dutch ship that’s heading for Nagasaki, Japan… But he doesn’t even know how long it will take to get there. Then, the ship hits a storm and William, trapped in his hiding place, is thrown overboard. He wakes up to find a girl with curious eyes standing over him…

They, Too, Love

Jung Euimoon and Eun Myroyung are both members of the second Biology Club, which has been downgraded to the oldest facilities in the school to make room for the new Biology Club. Jung Euimoon uses Bunsen burners to cook his breakfast and routinely camps out at the Biology Club room to get away from his numerous siblings. Eun is a loner and reads tarot cards--which always foretell unhappy auguries--to amuse herself. They each think the other is strange. These two seem to be opposites, but they have more in common than they think. Who knows what the future holds in store for them.

Dimensional Travel Real Estate Agency

Our local real estate agency has a secret?!A dimensional travel, fantasy romance about a suspicious owner and a girl who used to be normal.

Helios Chronicles

In Helios, 6 warriors go on an adventure to search for the magical jewel “L.”