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Read Hero Waltz Manhwa

Hero Waltz

Manhwa Full Color • 2 weeks ago

Go Sung-tae is the target of bullies from his school ...

Latest : Chapter 55
Read Seraph Of The End Manga

Seraph Of The End

Manga • 3 weeks ago

One day, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed every infected human over the age of 13.

Latest : Chapter 92
Read Rasetsu No Hana Manga

Rasetsu No Hana

Manga • 3 weeks ago

Rasetsu Hyuga is an exorcist serving in an agency where she takes advantage of her ability to banish evil spirits.

Latest : Chapter 36
Read Psyren Manga


Manga • 3 weeks ago

Ageha Yoshina is a self-confident student who helps others for a fee.

Latest : Chapter 146.1
Read Sica Wolf Manhwa

Sica Wolf

Manhwa Full Color • 2 weeks ago

Sica steps out of the Magician's Tower for the first time in her life!

Latest : Chapter 92
Read Dorohedoro Manga


Manga • 3 weeks ago

With free access from and to the cesspool and little challenge to their authority, most magic users seem indomitable — aside for a few.

Latest : Chapter 167.5
Read Noblesse Manga


Manga • 6 days ago

Rai needs Frankenstein's guidance to adjust to the present age after slumbering for the past 820 years, so Frankenstein enrolls him as a new student to help him understand modern society and experience a normal life.

Latest : Chapter 545
Read Bokura No Kiseki Manga

Bokura No Kiseki

Manga • 1 week ago

From a young age, Minami Harusumi had recurring dreams about Veronica, a princess whose kingdom is on the brink of destruction. He believes that they are the memories of his past life, and that they are his reincarnation. His peers are mocking him for this. One day he rediscovers magic when the ridiculous escalates to harassment — something Veronica had learned and used. His pas reassured

Latest : Chapter 102
Read Naka No Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] Manga

Naka No Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]

Manga • 6 days ago

In the game he is playing (Naka no Hito Genome), Iride Akatsuki discovered hidden material, and this material turns out to be a real-life game!

Latest : Chapter 48
Read Tower Of God Manhwa

Tower Of God

Manhwa Full Color • 6 days ago

Bam, pursuing his friend, he managed to open the entrance to the tower.

Latest : Chapter 485
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