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While on summer vacation, a group of 15 children found a strange man living in a beach cave, along with high-tech equipment. The man said he is a game developer making a video game, with a big robot to defend Earth from alien invaders, and asked the children to test the game. The kids agreed, but soon find the game terrifying, because of its realistic and also because one of them died after their first victory. Worse yet, they had no idea how to stop or leave the game.


In this present days there are numerous online games and interactive hobbies that you can indulge yourself to, and one of them is a game called "UnderCity".In this game, you have to have strong guts to survive, with gory scenes and corpses all over the place you'll have to face. Not to mention, hungry players who wants your blood.Enter the name Hallow Man in Undercity, a character whose gruesomeness tops all of the player on the UndreCity World that all of the players nicknamed him "Jack the Ripper".The matter is Jack / Hallow Man is an unknown entity in this game, coming in an out and slaying anything which even a veteran players vomit at the sight of his victim.Undercity is on Siege, and players are wondering... Who can stop and kill Jack which in his pursuit for power, the virtual world is beginning to merge with the real world..?

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni ~ Utsutsukowashi

Summer 1983...Hinamizawa is a tranquil village, but its inhabitants have been plagued by strange deaths and unexplained disappearances seemingly every year. Some say it has / it is the terrifying curse of Hinamizawa's legendary deity, Oyashiro-sama, causing victims to be spirited away by monsters, but is this town harboring dark, horrying secrets even more sinister than any supersition or myth? A prequel to Meakashi-hen. Shion is sent away to the all-girls school, St. Lucia Academy, for confinement. One day, a male teacher's body was found in the school swimming pool and the first discoverer, Kosaka Mizuho, is summoned to the chairman's office to report the details. Shion hears rumors about how Mizuho's grandmother is after Mizuho's life and the girl is taking refuge in the school, so Shion approaches the aloof Mizuho. The story is divided into a total of eight chapters: four "Question" arcs and four "Answer" arcs. Each chapter keeps the same main characters, but ends in a different way. However, each chapter gives valuable answers, hints, and clues to the previous one, while at the same time bringing forth even more mysteries. The question arcs are: Onikakushi-hen, Watanagashi-hen, Tatarigoroshi-hen and Himatsubushi-hen. The answer arcs are: Meakashi-hen, Tsumihoroboshi-hen, Minagoroshi-hen and Matsuribayashi-hen. The side story arcs are: Onisarashi-hen, Yoigoshi-hen, and Utsutsukowashi-hen

Neung Neung

About a class full of espers

Angel Hunt

Shiina Amane is special. Her father is an exorcist, and she herself can see spirits. But gifts always come with a price.

Fuan No Tane

A collection of very short and mostly atmospheric stories dealing with urban legends, ghosts, and superstitions all organized around a specific theme (school, visitors, etc.). Some are just two pages long.


An adaptation of the BBC re-imagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series, Sherlock, which aired in 2010 (season 1) and 2012 (season 2), with season 3 currently in the works.

Adventure Boys

[From Mangascreener]: The only common feature running through these stories is a grown-up protagonist somehow coming face-to-face with his childhood past, in a testament to the loss of youth, the disillusionment of growing old, and nostalgia for better times. In the Adachi pantheon, this is a rare diametric view of his eternal theme of "youth," in this case youth as seen through the lens of the past. It's a powerful statement from Adachi that might even be an acknowledgment of his steadily-creeping age. What is impressive about these stories is not the plots or characters themselves, but the absolutely perfect way he tells them, another facet of experience that comes with age. Most of the stories may require multiple readings to fully appreciate the airtightness of the plot and visual motifs."

Flower (higuri Yuu)

Mayu is a book-worm who genuinely wants to do something different than the girls around her. One day, she accidentally walks into a body paint exhibition and finds this story.


You join a family lawyer working for the Yakuza on his decent into the darkness. After he gains the attention of his boss, Hagiwara slowly realizes that he not only enjoys the pain he *needs* it to feel real. And no matter who abuses him it not enough, not unless its one man giving him that pain ...

A, A'

Information from Viz : The storyline A, A' raises a troubling question : How would you are feeling if your companion died - and was replaced with a clone ? Would you recreate your romance with somebody who was in physical form a similar but did not share any stories you will ever have mutually ? in 4/4, teenaged Mori flunks out of ESP training curriculum. However when he fits Trill, a lovely Unicorn, his latent talents get started to blossom...In X+Y, Hagio uses science fiction to explore questions of gender and erotic identity. Time has handed down, as soon as again, Mori sees himself inexorably attracted to a member of the unicorn competition - but this unicorn is male...and so is Mori. X+Y won Seiun Honor in manga category in 1985


A rather morbid, sombre manga about two high school students, Kamiyama Itsuki and Morino Yoru, who have a peculiar interest in deaths and especially in murders that are committed near to them. Due to their strong fascination with murder and highly-developed analytical skills(along with some luck), they manage to solve the murders that have even eluded the authorities. However, acting on their own sense of justice and in self-interest, the murderers are often able to escape with the murders that they have committed. Often, it is Kamiyama that solves the cases even to the most subtle of details, but he is only interested in one thing, and that is the method to which Yoru Morino should be killed.

Shounenshoujo Ryouryuuki

A collection of standalone stories written by both Furuya Usamaru and Otsuichi. The stories all revolve around the common troubles that teenagers go through, whether it be falling out with a friend, being bullied, or dieting.

From A Different Dimension

What happens when one encounters strange things happening in the modern world? This manga consists of three stories: 1) First Love. 2) Sleeping Beauty. 3) Ghost Ship.

Heaven's Door (hongou Ranko)

[Summary by: Love_Blossom] Harumi has been in the hospital practically her whole life because she has cancer. She finds out she only has a few months to live and wants to do dangerous thing. Masato just got hospitalized today. He meets Harumi and they talk about how life is so short. Then he holds out his hand and says, "Lets go to the sea!" And so, for the few days they have to live, they enjoy it to their fullest. See what happens by reading(:

Nam Gi-han To Be An Elite

The main character is a 27 years old civil servant examine, Nam KiHan!One morning after waking up he noticed that he traveled back in time by 16 years! A scenario everyone dreamt of at least once; having the chance to relive your life while retaining all the lessons you learned. Watch as Nam KiHan attempts to relive to become an elite of society!

Jail Bird

collection of onehsot 3) Blue Cheer Nobuhiro Honjou was, all of a sudden, attacked and kidnapped by two guys. He woke up to find himself tied to a chair in front of a an unfamiliar young man... 27 pages concerning abduction, drugs, death, sex, and torture. "Maybe it was the drugs... or... or because I was already insane... or maybe because I was only looking for body pleasure... or... maybe in that moment, I really did love him..." -- Honjou (summary written by Flamie) The insane love between a drug dealer and the mad man who was in the incest relationship with his younger brother who died from overdose. 4) Betrayal Game The revenge drama of the beautiful employee who is sold to the support company's owner by his lover, the young CEO of the company. 5) Futaba-kun and Futaba-kun The romance of a student who gradually finds many unique points in his transfer classmate with the same name and falls in love with.

Yami Wa Tsudou

Six lost souls gather in a candle-lit room with a mysterious host. None of them know exactly how they came to be there, but there's only one way out. Each of us follows a path preordained by destiny. If the souls are judged to have lost their path by mistake they will be returned to it. But if destiny says their time is up: they have to move on.


moritat. jesse wakes up in the hospital with all his memories washed out. in front of him, there's a man who says that he's jesse's lover. however, the only distorted memory that jesse has of that man is that he is trying to kill jesse. but is this flimsy memory reliable? who tells the truth, and what actually happened? why was he even in the hospital?


In a forest on a mountain, a class is out on excursion. A girl strays from her group and meets a witch. She escapes, but when she groups up with her classmates no one believes her, except for her best friend. After the class returns to the mountain for a reunion after graduating, old memories resurface. Why does the girl still insist she saw a witch? Does she really believe it herself?


What if your lover died, you lost your will to live, and a robot was sent to you that looked like your lost lover?

Sono Kuchibiru Ni Yoru No Tsuyu

From Wasurenagusa: Wada Tatsuki seems to be an ordinary bus driver, living a simple and peaceful life. However there is a heavy burden he holds in his heart, a terrible thing that he has done in the past. What if one day the man he hurt appears and wants to take revenge?

Jisatsu Circle

A disturbing manga inspired by an even more disturbing movie of the same name (aka Suicide Club). As you might expect, they both deal with the theme of suicide. However, the plots of the manga and movie are significantly different, so don't worry about spoilers and such. Finally, I'd just like to point out that the manga isn't for the faint of heart, and the movie even more so.

Venus Puts Fur On Me.

venus puts fur on me. nakajima ruled the class as a "bully." shirasaki-san, a frail girl, is the target of the bullying. the abuse was terrible and happens every day. other students in the class pretend not to see it. if they stop, then the next target will be them. nakajima bullies people as if he's possessed, clearly there's something wrong. why is he doing these violent torture? the truth is horrible...

Astral Project: Tsuki No Hikari

After obtaining a call from a mysterious lady called Shindou Yurika, Masaki, the key protagonist, learns that his elder sister died under mysterious circumstances. He obtains a Jazz CD from Yurika and plays it in remembrance of his sister. While hearing it he activities soul traveling and dives into a, for him unknown, "psyche world". Down the road he accidentally meets other souls and tries to learn what actually happened to his sister. Apparently Volume 4 would be the last one.

Hyakka Teien No Higeki

On the outskirts of Neo-Hong Kong lies a mysterious Chinese-style garden. Legend has it that anyone who looks upon the fairy of the garden will die before the night is out. Five years ago, Douglas Pyke was charged with discovering the true nature of this fairy, but when he accidentally killed a woman in the line of duty, he left the police force forever. Now, a cabbie and sometime private eye, he is asked to find a missing scientist and confront the mysteries of the garden once more.

My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought

my dearest self with malice aforethought. urashima eiji, a college student, goes to sleep after a nice night of drinking with his buddies. when he wakes up, he discovers a beautiful girl next to him who treats him as if they were in a loving relationship. later, eiji finds out that 3 days have passed since he left with his crew. what did he do all that time, and why doesn't he have any recollection of it? by facing this fact, he will be caught in a tragedy.

Black Saga

Black Saga is a graphic novel (used anime/style) that occurs in america (US) in the entire year 2037, once a peaceful and free country, now a communistic land, ruled by an awful dictator ,bent on global domination. Within the federal government, all formed as you, the states are soon merged and split like live stalk to be able to control every one of the US's inhabitants like animals. Referred to as "Sectors" given a letter and a rank,the best,where the governments all have a home Sector.Y.


[From Translation Texts]: Sinners are those who have committed unforgivable sins and are given the mark of thorns after they die. Sin Eaters are those who take the sins and punishment of sinners so they will not go to Hell. Rukiko, a simple village girl, wants to protect Raika, the Fire of God, and the treasure of her beloved village, from Gaii, a Sin Eater who wants the chance to become sinless again. After hearing how Gaii became a Sin Eater, however, Rukiko's feelings change, but Angel Musa, the servant of God who brought her mother to Heaven, tells her not to sympathize with Gaii, and that it is the will of God. Whom can Rukiko trust?

Floral Mirror Of The Moon

In the 24th generation of Kings of the Joseon Dynasty, a boatman known as Seo-mok unknowingly helped a mysterious woman and Japanese spies who were disguised as rich Korean men to cross a river. But after crossing the river, they tried to kill Seo-mok... Left with no choice, Seo-mok then took the woman hostage--and soon, secrets began to unfold.