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Read Bastard (Hwang Youngchan) Manhwa

Bastard (Hwang Youngchan)

Manhwa Full Color • 4 months ago

People keep on mysteriously disappearing in this neighborhood.

Latest : Chapter 94
Read Psyren Manga


Manga • 2 weeks ago

Ageha Yoshina is a self-confident student who helps others for a fee.

Latest : Chapter 146.1
Read Dorohedoro Manga


Manga • 2 weeks ago

With free access from and to the cesspool and little challenge to their authority, most magic users seem indomitable — aside for a few.

Latest : Chapter 167.5
Read Akuma To Love Song Manga

Akuma To Love Song

Manga • 1 week ago

It's a bit difficult to talk about Kawaii Maria, the "devilish" transfer student.

Latest : Chapter 91.5
Read Tower Of God Manhwa

Tower Of God

Manhwa Full Color • 2 weeks ago

Bam, pursuing his friend, he managed to open the entrance to the tower.

Latest : Chapter 485
Read Bokurano Manga


Manga • 5 months ago

While on summer vacation, a group of children found a strange man in a cave, who said he is making a video game to defend Earth from alien invaders.

Latest : Chapter 66
Read Akira Manga


Manga • 4 months ago

Set in the post-apocalypse Neo-Tokyo, a massive metropolis built on the ruins of a Tokyo that's destroyed by an apocalyptic blow of unknown force that caused World War III.

Latest : Chapter 6
Read Satsuriku No Tenshi Manga

Satsuriku No Tenshi

Manga • 3 weeks ago

With lifeless eyes, Rachel Gardner only wants to die.

Latest : Chapter 45
Read Angel Of Slaughter Manga

Angel Of Slaughter

Manga • 5 months ago

When Rachel Gardner wakes up in the basement of an unidentified house, she finds herself face to face with Zack, a serial killer covered in bandages from head to toe.

Latest : Chapter 39
Read Heavenly Match Manhwa

Heavenly Match

Manhwa Full Color • 1 week ago

Incidentally a young girl wakes up a guardian spirit caught within a spear.

Latest : Chapter 290
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