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Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

Dr. Song, the youngest professor at Korea's leading College of Medicine, have been a princess' royal brat in her previous life. Yet equally as she is going to experience an untimely death above the water, she actually is again getting up as Princess Elise?!

Chiisana Ai No Negai

Henrietta who grew up in a children's home now works part-time at a hospital to earn her living. One day, the decision to take home a stray cat found in the hospital's garden gives her the chance to talk to a charming doctor at the hospital, Adam. Soon after, Adam saves Henrietta from a grave illness and she is slowly drawn to him. But she feels his prestigious and wealthy life as a doctor is so different from her life... Will it ever happen?

Urara-chan No Naka No Hito

Urara would really like to be a normal high school girl, but her mad scientist older sister and mother make this a difficult goal. For their latest experiment, they've fused Urara's neighbor and childhood friend Takaharu into Urara's body. After discovering this, Urara destroyed some of the experimental apparatus in a fit of rage, leaving them stuck with each other for the time being. Takaharu is a high school graduate who sells erotic manga while waiting to retake his college entrance exams. Takaharu takes over Urara's body when she falls asleep or passes out, and, to Urara's embarrassment, has been using it as source material for his manga. Will the two of them be able to deal with sharing a body until Urara's family can put things right?

Iyahaya Nantomo

Sayoko was just reading peacefully in her backyard when some strange kid in a large overcoat suddenly comes in and swipes her dog's food! Who is this guy and what's gonna happen to Sayoko's life now? One thing's for certain: hilarity ensues!

Mecha Mote Honey

Taken from Shoujo Manga Maniac: Whenever she sees a boy of her type, Ai gets excited and reckless. Because of this animal instinct, she hasn't had a boyfriend for fifteen years. However, Daiki, who is handsomest among students, wants to date her. She thinks that if she missed this chance, no one would be waiting for her any more. Is it her last chance!?


After the passing of the Equal Opportunity Employment Act, everyone has equal rights in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are still many logistical difficulties yet to be overcome. Like, how's a centaur supposed to sit at a desk made for humans, anyway?A collection of one-shots.

Ame Ni Nureta Tenshi

From fictiondb: He'll bed her, expose her then destroy her...Lissa works hard to help her sister... even if that means having to put on false eyelashes and flatter wealthy men... Xavier Lauran has pursued Lissa from the moment he walked into the Soho casino. The last thing she needs is the dark, lethal sexuality of the Frenchman. But she can't resist....Xavier has woven a web of deceit to catch her! And now he's trapped her--he'll ruin her!

Dekiru Otoko Ga Suki Nanda!

From mochi*mochi: The relationship between childhood friends Kouji and Shingo changes drastically when Shingo finds out important news about his cousin Shuuichi who he has always "liked". Shingo likes competent, impressive guys; and Kouji and Shuuichi are no exception. Kouji has long harbored a secret love for Shingo. Will Shingo give this impressive guy a chance? Contains oneshot called Tsubo Sagashi no Susume. ch3 Secret is done by Mangagedon Licensed by Tokyopop in Germany.

Teens Blues

Collection of 5 oneshots: ティーンズブルース (Teen Blues / Tiinzu Buruusu) 空色NO.青 (Sora Iro NO. Aoi) ゴキゲンだぜ! (Gokigen da ze!) 空に咲く花 (Sora ni Saku Hana) 愛の▼愛のしるし(Ai no Ai no Shirushi)

Order Wa Boku De Yoroshi Desu Ka?

Akari always goes to a particular coffee shop, but not for their coffee. It's to see Naruse Hijiri-kun, a waiter who's totally Akari's type. And then suddenly one day she finds him waiting outside her school?Also includes:• Haru Koi• Power of Love• Flying Start!• Haru ni Kaze to Yuki ga Furu!

Hana Wa Knife O Mi Ni Matou

Kako Saeki is a senior in high school. She has been modeling and harboring her love for her favorite art teacher, Enjoe. Her heart breaks when she finds out that her love is actually engaged. Now, Kako's innocent love takes a dangerous turn when she finds out who he's engaged to...Side Story - Beautiful World: Near the Ipson village, if you venture into the forest, you’ll meet a lonely demon. If he talks to you, he’s going to tell you your fortune, but don’t expect it to be something good. This demon has been named by the villagers “the insulting fortune teller”. One day, a beautiful red-haired girl named Alice becomes this demon’s friend. He doesn’t want to look into her future, but he might need to…

World Of Super Sand Box

Hot Blooded high school teen, a mysterious female swordsman, and an unpredictable dark emo girl. Its impossible to distinguish between reality and the game world ! What kind of conspiracy is awaiting them in super journey of the world!

Mizuiro Jidai

From here: Junior High-school life story. Comparable to the American TV series "The Wonder Years". We follow the life of Kawai Yuuko beginning in junior high. Throughout the passing years, we see her grow up and sort out her life with her friends, her parents and her love.

Edith (anthology)

Edith is an "Original School Love Anthology". Most stories contain BL but vary greatly in terms of theme, mood and characters.

Sora No Shinwa Chi No Shinwa

After Violet’s parents died, a dark-haired philosopher comes to the village and informs her that she is the heir of the “Heaven” clan.

Bannou Kanteishi Q No Jikenbo

Yuto works for a magazine company known as "Kadokawa". His current project revolves around a mysterious phenomenon occurring inside the city. Someone or something has been placing stickers of a sumo wrestler's face all around the city in various places. No one knows who is placing the stickers or what their objective may be, but these stickers have been showing up in places for a while now. Yuto now needs the help of an appraiser to solve this mystery. Searching through the web, he finds an appraiser known as the "Appraiser Q". Her name is Rinda Riko, and she has the ability to appraise anything (or anyone) and solve any mystery thrown her way. [DrCoke]

Togainu No Chi (yamamoto Kana)

Serial comic based on Nitro+CHiRAL's post-apocalyptic Japan BL game, 'Togainu no Chi'. This version cleanly (no overt BL) follows the Keisuke storyline. Notes: Chapters 1-2 were published in Magazine ZERO by Biblos in 2005 under the name Tomoe Sato. Vol.1 was published by ASCII Media Works in July 2008 as Yamamoto Kana.

Frozen Apple

Snow White, a maiden who lives in the woods with the seven dwarfs, suddenly decides to open a “dwarf café”! She has the support from three of her dwarf friends, and the Prince. Amidst the busy atmosphere of the café and making nice with the Prince (and putting up with his fetish for all things miniature), Snow White has a rival, Rosé, the owner of another café - “The Red Hood.” This 4-koma manga of fairy tale parody is light-hearted, funny and too cute to boot!


Even the oracle, that locates Dalai Lama's reincarnation, would not foresee that the troublemaker Dang is taking the mission to find it. However, Dang's power is yet hidden; his fatal nature explodes chi by sexual impulse and turns him into a monster! Not knowing this, Dang enters Mouhyuk High; following the oracle. But his class is a special class called "Trash", filled with a bunch of weirdoes, and his biggest enemy, the "Coke Bottle" woman! Can he complete his mission?

Kimi Ga Suki Toka Arienai

Kana, who has zero experience with love and can't even talk to a boy, loves to read about it in her favorite manga, which according to her friends is completely unrealistic. Annoyed by their cynicism, Kana declares that she will finally get herself a boyfriend and prove them wrong. Suddenly, a handsome transfer student arrives. Is this love at first sight? Does she have a chance with this popular boy? Why does he seem to know so much about her?

The Rows Of Cherry Trees

This manga is quite old--it's from 1957. It centers around three members of the table tennis club at an all-girl school. Though it may not quite be yuri, it's a precursor to current yuri manga.


In the world of Daikuuriku, many people are created female, and chooses which sex they would like to become at age 17. Nowadays, the peaceful theocracy of Simulacrum is guarded by mysterious soaring machines called "Simoun", which can only just be piloted by girls who have not chosen a making love yet. The Simoun can activate a mysterious electricity known as "Ri Maajon" that can damage many enemies simultaneously. Once the industrialized region of Argentum decides that it requires to invade Simulacrum to obtain the trick of the Simoun, conflict breaks out, pulling the Simoun "Sibyllae" (priestesses who soar the Simoun) into a lopsided struggle. Because the conflict is raging, the Sibyllae are awarded an exemption from choosing a long lasting sex for so long as they are prepared to keep soaring. Aaeru, a established young Sibylla with a secret previous, and Neviril, the first choice of Chor Tempest, Simulacrum's most top notch Simoun squadron, must business lead their fellow priestesses through turmoil both of their rates and in the sky.

Orange Delivery

Through middle school, best friends Miho Shirokawa and Miho Yoshii bowled together. But since Miho Yoshii has moved to a high school in Hokkaido, Miho Shirokawa just hasn't enjoyed bowling like she used to. One day Yoshii calls to talk about her interest in a new sport-- curling! Yoshii's high school curling team has decided to try to make it into the next olympic winter games! Shirokawa thinks about quitting bowling and joining a curling team as well, but unfortunately, there isn't one at her high school. At least, there isn't until Shirokawa accidentally sells the idea to a former figure skater, Rin, and her friend Endou. Before she realizes what's happening, Shirokawa's has become the founding leader of her school's Curling Club! How will she face all the difficulties of starting up the team, when she only has the vaguest idea of what the sport of curling is even about?!

Paradise Route

Written by Mia One day, an angel princess named Gatsu Hime was looking down on Earth and ended up falling down. While she fell, two feathers fell from her wings. One from the left and one from the right. The two feathers went into twin brothers, Taihou and Emiya Nagatsuka. Because of the loss of her feathers, she lost her wings. Gatsu was banished from heaven until she could retrieve both feathers and get her wings back. The problem is, the boys won't give Gatsu the feathers so easily. Also, they don't even know how. Gatsu's only option is to live with the two boys until the day she can finally go home. And so, their life together begins.

Ore Ni Koi Shite Dousunda

When his interior designer mom takes off to New York for a year, Toranosuke, dorky name none withstanding, gets sent to stay with his uncle. And it's just his luck that Ryouji is obnoxious, violent, and has the same sharp tongue as Tora's mom. Only it turns out that he's not really that bad, and maybe Tora is falling in love (with his uncle, of all people), and Ryouji has a heart of gold underneath the bellowing and violence. Except that Ryouji's pretty much the worst guy in the world to fall for: he enjoys sex more than eating, has a commitment problem, and has long since convinced himself that he's really, really straight.

Yubi To Kuchibiru To Hitomi No Ijiwaru

Collection of short stories: 1) Teasing the Fingers, Eyes and Lips I secretly have a crush on Taki, who is cool and mean, but he actually is very kind. I wanted to be his girlfriend, so when I confessed my feelings to him, he gave me a passionate kiss, but he rejected me saying, "I can't be with you Kurumi." Why? I don't know what he is thinking--!! 2) My SuperHero 3) You were Born to Fall in Love 4) Shy Boyfriend (From Midnight Scans)