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Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Dumped by his mother, Kazuya Kinoshita, an emotionally devastated college student, is trying to fill the hole in his heart with a rental mother from a smartphone app. At first Chizuru Mizuhara seems to be the ideal girl with everything he could hope for: fantastic beauty and a sweet, loving personality. After having conflicting reviews on her profile after their first date, and also tormented by his former engagement, Kazuya assumes Chizuru is only messing around with men's hearts and gives a poor ranking to her. Angry at the indifference of her client towards her, Chizuru shows her real nature: sassy and temperamental, the total opposite of the first impression Kazuya provided. Kazuya gets word about his grandmother's failure at the very moment and is compelled to send Chizuru to the hospital along with him. Although it turns out to be nothing serious, his grandmother is ecstatic that Kazuya has finally found a serious girlfriend, which had always been her wish. Unable to tell her the truth, Kazuya and Chizuru are forced into a fake relationship—acting as if they are truly lovers.

Oo Seyo!! Sengoku Gakuen Seitokai

This manga occurs in a school where in fact the students derive from famous shoguns in Japanese history. Sengoku Gakuen was once such as a normal school but Oda Nobunaga, the student president overthrew the teachers and practically made them powerless. He built a school of the students, for the students and by the students. Nobunaga eventually graduated and left Hideyoshi in control as the student president. However, Hideyoshi soon drops out of school to help Nobunaga rule Japan as he ruled Sengoku Gakuen. The story accumulates here as there has / there is a battle between Ishida Mitsunari, an uptight and conservative, yet hardworking boy, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, the non permanent school president that has lots of followers, fighting for the institution president seat. We also see other famous figures as fellow students such as Ootani Yoshitsugu who has / who is loyally following Mitsunari and Oichi, Nobunagas younger sister. who shall / who will win the student body president position and take command of the institution?

K.o. Sen

3rd year middle schooler Sen Tobishima, who has inherited his late father's red hair and amazingly strong body, fails every class and cannot graduate to high school because he spends all of his time doing stupid stunts. His mother and grandmother have grown tired of his reckless behavior, so for summer break they have sent him to the kick boxing gym of Coach Sakurawada, the main who straigtened out Sen's father years ago.

Gakkyuu Houtei

The education system has changed its way of punishing students. If there is a problem now, the students go to court. But its not a normal court, its made out of students and preschoolers. Attorneys , prosecutors and judges are all students. Follow the case of Tento Nanahoshi as he and his attorney Abaku Inugami try to prevail the accusations of murdering the pet fish of the class. It will be a tough process as the prosecutor is the cute and rich Pine Hanzuki.

Black Warriors

A story about two young demons who are always slacking off at work, a place that happens to be an organization that vows to keep the balance between the worlds of the living and dead by killing humans!Vol 1&2 contain a small short story about a robot with a mission to 'save humans'

Seishun Buta Yaro Wa Petit Devil Kouhai No Yume Wo Minai

seishun buta yaro wa petit devil kouhai no yume wo minai: this manga contains the spoilers, as well as a sequel to seishun buta yarou wa bunny girl senpai no yume wo minai. an adaptation of the second volume of the light novels. it is a romantic comedy story, with a mix of serious drama in it.


From Yanime: A boy named Yuuto Seo moves from Hokkaido, where he has / he has / he is lived all his life, to Tokyo. He first fears he must quit speed skating, his hobby, but he soon finds places to skate and folks to skate with. The next series by Hotta Yumi (creator of Hikaru no Go).

Matsuri Special

Matsuri is a girl like all the other high school girls. She likes boys, especially one called Wataru, but he hardly notices her even though she watches him like a crazy gal. "Tough girls aren't my type," he once said, and now even three street guys call her a tough chick?! Nothing too good to say to the wrestling Princess. Being this kind of princess is nothing to be proud of for Matsuri so it's a secret that she keeps from her school mates, because it's her father who wants to make her a wrestler...but what will happen when she's discovered fighting those three guys by Arata, the bad boy who can even "fight cows"? Discover it and keep track of Matsuri Special!

Shounen Princess

shounen princess. the crown prince of the kingdom of urunei in south east asia fell in love at first sight after seeing a picture of naotora kusunoki as a child. the only issue is that naotora is the son of a japanese foreign ministry bureaucrat. naotora 's father, eager to please the prince, compels him to cross-dress and travel to urunei to marry the prince as "nao." while in urunei, he unwittingly captures the hearts of the people who see nao as the return of putri harimau, the legendary tiger girl who had a hand long ago with the dragon prince in founding urunei. however, there are those who are not so pleased about nao 's arrival in urunei.


Shim LeaYoung is the “zombie boy” of his school. Everyday, his duty is to get beat up by entire student body. Because his expression never changes, people are disgusted of, and avoid him. He is not loved even at home – where he lives with his father’s friend’s family. One day, a real zombie and a couple of people who call themselves “Schwarz* appear”, trying to extract the Evil Spirit Jade from within him…

Shuujin Riku

"Born into a world beyond imagination, imprisoned for a crime he never commited. Young Riku's life couldn't sink any lower...or so he thought. Determined to survive no matter the circumstances, Riku now faces the impossible task of outliving a prison sentence in Earth's worst penitentiary." - Courtesy of Project Bite Me! Scans

Twinkle Saber Nova

Hayana and Aoi go to Misaki Academy, where their favorite pastime is to eat at all the local restaurants. Misaki is known for it's lax importance on rules, and while that means freedom, it can mean trouble. Hayana's lunch gets interrupted one day by a new club... the World Domination Club! (They're starting with the school lunch program and working outwards.) Luckily, Hayana gets some help from one of her teachers and joins the Ally of Justice Club as Twinkle Saber, sworn to defend the lunchtime (and truth and justice along the way) of Misaki Academy against the World Domination Club!

Mofumofu To Isekai Slow Life O Mezashimasu

mofumofu to isekai slow life o mezashimasu. the overworked young man fell down a how that takes him to a different world. now he's turned into a young boy named arito, living his life with fluffies. he loves his new life in this magical forest, as he's being guided by an old elf called orst.


Tarot Cards! For centuries they have been used to tell the fortunes of nobles and royalty. Used by many people, they are composed of 22 major cards and 56 minor cards based on Sephirot, the Tree of Life.Among those users, there have been some who materialize the cards' images and meanings and apply them to reality. People who use these powers are known as 'tarot users'.The first and the oldest tarot user, 'Ascanio Maria Sforza'. The first 22 tarot cards she ever made. And there was a legend amongst the tarot users. The one who collected all those cards could be granted any wish. That was the legend! Those oldest cards have been called 'Visconti Sforza'!!


Takatoki is a higher school boy with an strong obsession for manga and anime. He desperately wants an average anime romance with a woman who falls into an average female anime stereotype. His childhood friend Chiyoko, an extremely unladylike girl who has / who is a notorious fighter, tries in vain to get his mind back again to reality.1 day, each of them run into a woman in a sailor schoolgirl outfit being threatened with a generic band of thugs. As Chiyoko beats the thugs, Takatoki learns that the lady, Asadzuma Youtsugi, is a cosplayer who would like to lead the life span of any anime character. Was this Takatoki's fated first face along with his future anime lover!?

Shissou Holiday

A girl runs abroad, pretending she got kidnapped.

Kai Pilgrim

Probably one of the most infamous criminals of this country is literally a monster. Vampire Zeo is immortal and invincible. He takes whatever he wants from whomever he wants whether it has / it is from a corporation or even the federal government. And when the authorities or military or even seasoned assassins that focus on monster killing follow Zeo, each of them wrap up running away using their tails between their legs.So whenever a young girl named Lin tells Zeo that she has / she is come to make Zeo atone for his crimes, he laughs it off. However, Lin is from the Church, and, although she actually is weak, she runs on the special spell that combines their souls together, making them essentially one individual. Whatever pain she feels, he feels if she dies, he dies too and vice versa. However immortal he might be, her death means his own demise and he must protect her from those who would like Zeos at once a platter. Her original mission from the Church was to make him stop his criminal activities, however when Lin learns that the Church wants him dead, she questions her orders and joins forces with Zeo until she learns the reality. [vyc]

Adventure Boys

[From Mangascreener]: The only common feature running through these stories is a grown-up protagonist somehow coming face-to-face with his childhood past, in a testament to the loss of youth, the disillusionment of growing old, and nostalgia for better times. In the Adachi pantheon, this is a rare diametric view of his eternal theme of "youth," in this case youth as seen through the lens of the past. It's a powerful statement from Adachi that might even be an acknowledgment of his steadily-creeping age. What is impressive about these stories is not the plots or characters themselves, but the absolutely perfect way he tells them, another facet of experience that comes with age. Most of the stories may require multiple readings to fully appreciate the airtightness of the plot and visual motifs."

Exile Monogatari

Story from HIRO´s view about start of group EXILE.

Ame No Murakumono

There is an ancient government office, which was first founded by Queen Himiko, to deal with difficulties arising from supernatural forces. Even today, that agency secretly exists and deals with curses and other dark forces that threaten Japan. Kushinata Orochi is skilled in these supernatural arts, and he and his physically powerful sidekick Ayame take on cases that deal with supernatural troubles. Now, they have a very ancient and powerful force to deal with, in Kageyama City...

Youkai Watch

When Keita frees Whisper, a ghost-like youkai, from 190 years of imprisonment, Whisper pledges to protect Keita from supernatural dangers. Whisper also gives Keita a watch that allows Keita to see other youkai. Together with the twin-tailed cat spirit Jibanyan, they encounter many youkai-related problems and solve them.

Fuan No Tane

A collection of very short and mostly atmospheric stories dealing with urban legends, ghosts, and superstitions all organized around a specific theme (school, visitors, etc.). Some are just two pages long.

Crossbone Tanteidan

That's right, don't worry--please put your minds at ease. We are this suburb's own detective agency. No matter how small the matter, our company president will personally direct every operation. You won't have to worry about the clean-up either. We'll take care of it ourselves, because... we are the Crossbone's Detectives, and that's just how we do things.Also includes "Scramble Fish" oneshot.

City Of Darkness Side Story

Related Series City of Darkness (Adapted From)


In Esora, a city built around a colossal radio tower, a young man -- Nishina Kazu -- tires of the unchanging everyday world that he captures on his video camera. One day, as he is video taping some abandoned buildings, there is suddenly an explosion and a girl called Mamiru Ai appears before him. This marks the beginning of the change from the ordinary that he had been hoping for...

Slayers Revolution

Having lost the Sword of Light in the previous battle, Lina and Gourry continue their journey in search of a replacement weapon. On the way, the two of them meet up with Amelia and Zelgadis in the kingdom of Luvinagard while taunting some pirates. Lina is happy to reunite with her old friends, but appearing before her is Luvinagard's Inspector of the Special Investigative Unit; a man called Wizer. However, Lina is amazed at his unusual behavior...

Gyakushuu No Dragon Rider

On the floating island of Lithos, war is ever-raging and there seems to be no end in sight as the three nations that live atop it vie for control. However, as the battles rage on, it is discovered that the crystal that makes the island's floating possible is diminishing in power and the risk of the island falling becoming ever closer to reality. Seeking to find another place to live, the three kingdoms appoint their own elite soldier, a "Dragon Rider" , to fly to the ground below in search for the utopia known as "Arcadia" where there is no such thing as war.

Tozasareta Nergal

Nergal has been accused and convicted of heinous crimes involving magic. As punishment, he was sealed and sent away to prison to await death for forty days. The truth is though, he really is innocent! And, even though the guard Sunny befriended him...the boy's a total ditz! How will Nergal survive? At this rate, death may be more appealing than dealing with Sunny and the other prisoners and guards...

Pokemon Ranger Batonnage

Hitomi is a pokemon ranger; someone who uses wild pokemon to achieve their goals rather than capturing them. While pokemon rangers don't need balls to capture pokemon, they do use a tool called a slider in order to get closer to the wild pokemon. 2 years after her graduation from the ranger academy, she joins a team with a top ranger. This ranger uses a rare type of slider called a Batonnage slider, which is only available to top rangers. Just what kind of skills does this top ranger have, and more importantly, how exactly does the Batonnage slide work?