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Dead Tube

Dead Tube is an online site that showed videos from the brutal to the sexual in nature. The more extreme the video, the more popular it becomes and online it is a strange business. Its showing exciting videos in secret, a game that puts life in danger online!! Tomohiro Machiya is part of the Film Research Club and has always enjoyed making film. One day he is approached by Mai Mashiro, an attractive girl on the swim club. She wants him to shoot her for two days straight, but, later he shoots her brutally killing one of their friends. But, someone else is blame for it, and she happilly told him that their video was very successful on Dead Tube.

Setsunai Koi

Popular stories from fashion magazine Zipper have made their way into a special book.Letter by Hazuki Kanae"Who are you?"On a certain day, she discovered a letter left in her school desk...My Best by Fujisue Sakura"I can't touch him, because we are friends."Where will these unsuppressable feelings lead us...Miss You by Kumiko SaikiAnd the day they part ways finally arrives...Goodbye, I'll See You Tomorrow by Tomoko NoguchiYasaki, who finally gets a boyfriend, now has to enter into a long distance relationship! Even though she thought that the pain of not being able to see him was the same...CHERRY by Matsumoto NanakoThe only person that would suit her is someone as extraordinarily popular as she is, right!? The person in question should definitely be...To the You Who is Here by Haneda IbukiDoes she still seem like a child to her older boyfriend?All she wants is for him to glance her way...

Tsukimizuki Rikai No Tantei Satsujin

There's a new wheel-chair bound student at school who has returned after an illness, and she immediately kisses Tsuzuki Ui, who she calls "Rei-kun." He soon deduces that she is a daughter of a wealthy family, and a person he once beat at an internet murder mystery game. She is apparently fixated on him, since he was the only one who ever beat her, and she has now come to see him in person. Her plan is to have a real-life murder mystery game, and her current focus is on the supposed suicide of Tsuzuki's father. For some reason, she suspects his little sister Haruka...

Shiroi Heya No Futari

One of the older yuri manga out there. Resine comes to a new boarding school to find she is rooming with Simone, a rebel who is rude to her from the start. However, Resine and Simone end up falling in love...

Rec - Kimi Ga Naita Hi

Aizawa Minami is a girl who has never cried in her life. She's awkward with her feelings, and she carries a camcorder to film everything she likes. Because of her quirks, she's labeled as a freak and alienated by her classmates.Satoru is her classmate and a recently retired teen actor who understands her. They quickly become friends, but what Minami doesn't know is that Satoru is hiding his secret from the world...

Haitoku Ga Matte Iru

Yurino's beloved is in financial trouble, so she decides to help him out by being a prostitute. However, the first guy she says "wanna have some fun with me for 500 bucks?" to happens to be a famous popular music composer, Yukio, with one of his singers, Karin, with him. The book consists of a collection of dangerous and sad love stories.

Ability Shop

Toshiki is a below average student and often the target of ridicule. After he accidentally runs into a shop sign and breaks it, he enters the shop and finds out it will sell him abilities.. But these abilities don't come cheap

Because I Love You

A collection of oneshots from, ranging from romantic to horrifying from sweet to bittersweet love stories. These are true tales that happened to people in Korea.

Because I Love You (mir2030s)

A collection of oneshots from, ranging from romantic to horrifying from sweet to bittersweet love stories. These are true tales that happened to people in Korea.


1) A Confession of his Own GuiltyStory of a high-school student who was sexually assaulted when young, and grew up to be openly homosexual. He always tries to antagonise a teacher whom he doesn't see eye to eye...2) RiskyA university student moves into his brother's apartment in the city but has yet to see his sibling, but the brother's friend just wouldn't stop hanging around.3) Kimi Sae Oreba...This story is the beginning to one of her book Kimi Sae Ireba... (chapter 1-3). A man marries his supervisor's daughter and she passes away soon after. The supervisor tries to get him to remarry.4) Kyoushi BA teacher chances upon a teacher-student relationship.

Midare Somenishi

Once, Shirou and his little brother were captured by bandits and then forced to work for them. Shirou is not only forced into the bandit lifestyle himself, but is also forced to become the bandit leader’s, Sougetsu-sama’s, sex toy. Night after night, day after day, he is forced to gratify the leader’s sexual appetite. Though Shirou is extremely strong and is able to fight off any attacker’s, he cannot, for the life of him, repel Sougetsu-sama’s advances. Shirou hates the bandit leader with all his might, yet cannot deny the sexual gratification that the man brings him. The bandit leader, Sougetsu-sama, has many lovers. Yet, why does he constantly keep coming back to the violent and unwilling Shirou, when he already has a bevy of willing partners at his beck and call? Sougetsu-sama’s partiality towards Shirou is not only puzzling, but it also creates jealousy amongst some of his lover who views the strong Shirou as nothing more than a rabid dog because of his violent nature. Born with beautiful, natural red-hair at a time in Japan when such traits were tantamount to being vilified as a demon; Shirou seems to epitomize the ultimate characteristic of the bloodthirsty fiend. He is feisty and refuses the bandit leader with all his might; and as a result, ends up being raped by Shougetsu-sama most of the time. What will be the outcome of their struggle? Will there ever be a balance between them, or will this game of cat and mouse continue?

Kono Minikuku Mo Utsukushii Sekai

Anime description: Takemoto Takeru, an ordinary high school student, encounters a strange light during a bike delivery for his part time job. When he stops and searches the surroundings, he notices a cute girl named Hikari climbing out of a sparkling cocoon in the forest. Takeru instantly falls for her at first sight, but was interrupted when suddenly a monster appears at the same spot and attacks the girl. This is the beginning of adventurous and exciting days for Takeru, the mysterious girls, Hikari and Akari, his childhood friend Nishino, Mari, and his classmates.


1) Natsu JikanA boy goes to meet a stranger after his mother died. The mother left a lot of love-letters to this man...2) Torrid NightAfter years have past Takaaki has returned to his childhood home and his stepbrother Nozomi. They are the only family they have left, and both hold secrets from the past that can destroy them. But the dark passion they feel is dangerous too...3-4) That's What God Says & Sweet Little DevilIzumi and Tetsuya are neighbors, both with very similar problems. Does one's appearance really determine who you are or how you should be? Were these neighbors fated to be together?5) The Sleeping ManNaoki and Tatsuya were high school classmates and close friends, with Tatsuya having the task of waking up his ever sleeping friend. They agreed to meet at the dawn of the new millennium, and though they both show up, there's something off....

Tomoyo After - Dear Shining Memories

Based on the visual novel Tomoyo After (a Clannad spin-off), this manga retells the story from Tomoyo's perspective.

So Wa Reirei No Yuki Ni Mai

Two years after the famous author Uro vanished, his last manuscript is found at the house of competing author Otogai, who seems obsessed with (or is it possessed by?) his supposedly-dead rival. By a strange turn of events, three acquaintances; an illustrator, an editor and a stage performer, end up investigating Otogai's odd behaviour. They discover that the writer's garden appears to be haunted by a mysterious camellia bush...and camellia was Uro's favourite flower.

Mugen Dokei

In a global where time contains two sorts of clocks, the Clock of Eternity, which indicates living of the universe, and the Silver Clock, which indicates living of your person, lived Mu, a carefree girl who despises the contradiction between eternity and the Clocks. Then she meets a boy whos Silver Clock runs faster than every other person shes met...

Pure Love

A collection of short stories by Ingénuo author. 1) Pure Love; 2) Double Faced Venus; 3) 100% Pure Girl; 4) Summer's Noon; 5) Bloody Sculpture.

Tsuki No Waltz

Contains 4 oneshots:1) Itsuka no Tsuki de AimashouWhen Riha goes to hospital to go see her father, who was just in an accident, she meets a boy, Nozomu-kun, who helps her find her way through the hospital so she can visit her father. After that day, they become great friends and possibly more…2) Tsuki no WaltzAsakura Nariko is the daughter of a wealthy family in the Showa era. As the successor of the family, she is very strictly educated to become a proper lady, and her teacher is Sawa Keiichirou, the son of her family's butler. To Nariko, Keiichirou is like a brother, or maybe even more than that, but it is her duty to marry the leader of another prominent family someday...3) Once a Blue Moon4) Petit Lesson - Sequel to Zenbu, Hajimete

Gekkou Spice

1) Kaeru no Saiban or Kaeru SaibanOne day a frog saves the life of a bad witch. The witch promises to grant one of the frog's wishes... Which is to turn into a beautiful girl! Will our Frog-chan fulfill her dream and fall in love?2) Kimi ni Tenshi no Shukufuku wo!Does God exist? A runaway boy accused of thievery takes a surprisingly cooperative nun hostage. With her he learns what it means to have faith and courage.3) Mori to OshiroA princess who has everything one could ever ask for hears a bird singing, "What a pitiful princess." Why, she asks, was she so pitiful? The bird answers that it is because she does not know, and if she wants to know, then she must go out of her castle.4) Gekkou Spice / Moonlight SpiceIf you sprinkle your whole body with the moonlight-spice and make a wish, it will come true. What is the wish of the black panther chased through the forest by hooligans when it meets the pure bunny Alice?!

Lady Mitsuko

The story of Mitsuko who was born with a 'star' on her palm. It's believed that those who are born with this mark will live to fly high, holding the stars within their grip. However she is just the third daughter of the Aoyama family who own an antique store. Her life will change forever after meeting Heinrich, an austrian count visiting Japan.

Ai No Kusabi The Space Between

The story is defined in the foreseeable future on earth named Amoi which is manipulated with a supercomputer named Jupiter. One of the mostly male population, the light-haired elite class is permitted to temporarily keep carefully the dark-haired "mongrels" as pets. One elite member, Iason, encounters a mongrel named Riki in the slums and decides to have him in. However, Iason keeps Riki longer than it is socially approved, and rumors abound about their possible relationship.

Dusk Story - Tasogare Monogatari

Takt is a boy who can see ghosts and other strange apparitions. Often the ghosts and people he meets carry strong emotions only he can help resolve. See the world through Takt's eyes, let yourself be touched by these heart-warming stories.

Rakuen (sakurakouji Kanoko)

From Midnight Scans: Nana, a 16-year-old girl, has had a happy relationship for 1 year with a University student named Shugo. Though, it all comes to a halt, when a doctor tells her that in 6 months, she will become completely blind. While her condition worsens everyday, she decides not to tell Shugo anything because she fears she will be pitied. Will their love be able to survive this tragedy or will it go all downhill?

Sareki Oukoku

A kingdom in the middle of the desert is the last city of humans that were against the Sand People. However, their next king, Kirameki, didn't want to fulfil the throne. The Sand People took the chance to kidnap the prince and replace him with an imposter, Kirameki's half-brother, Saga, who is a half human and half Sand Person. Kirameki was made to do hard labour then. However, he came back on the day of the Water Festival to get back his kingdom with Serafita (Water Goddess)'s help.

Jinrou Chronicle

When the full moon rises, the sleeping beast's blood awakens. Which of fated twins will the Wolf God choose?

Clover Field

A four-part manga series depicting the events previous to the American movie Cloverfield (more info in the link). In the manga (more info in the link), a connection is implied between the human protagonist Kishin, his mother, and the creature.

With God

Original webcomic: With God is a comic omnibus that consists of three different stories. The first story is about the underworld. The second story is about the living world. The third story is about the gods. A satire about the world and the fate of gods and men are seen through Korea's traditional gods and several main characters..

Densen Complex

A assortment of short, bittersweet love stories, including several incestuous ones.