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Read Wind Breaker Manhwa

Wind Breaker

Manhwa Full Color • 8 hours ago

Jay is Taeyang (Sunny) High's student President.

Latest : Chapter 322
Read Bokura Ga Ita Manga

Bokura Ga Ita

Manga • 1 week ago

The beginning of high school life. It also meant the beginning of their love life for the girls.

Latest : Chapter 70
Read Basara Manga


Manga • 1 week ago

Along the end, the enigmatic Shuri, who also may have something up to his sleeve, falls in love with Sarasa.

Latest : Chapter vol.5
Read Bokurano Manga


Manga • 5 months ago

While on summer vacation, a group of children found a strange man in a cave, who said he is making a video game to defend Earth from alien invaders.

Latest : Chapter 66
Read Pigpen Manhwa


Manhwa Full Color • 2 months ago

The narrator finds himself on a drift

Latest : Chapter 40
Read Attack on Titans Manga

Attack on Titans

Manga • 1 week ago

Teenage boy Eren and his foster sister Mikasa are witnessing something terrifying when a super giant coming out of thin air destroys the town walls.

Latest : Chapter 137
Read The Last Human Manhua

The Last Human

Manhua Full Color • 2 weeks ago

Zuo Tianchen is the last human to live in a mutated city infested with zombies.

Latest : Chapter 307
Read Shazi Manhwa


Manhwa Full Color • 6 days ago

A couple of innocent childhood friends — the two start living separate lives because of an unfortunate family event.

Latest : Chapter 14
Read Rodiura Kurashi - Official Manga

Rodiura Kurashi - Official

Manga • 4 days ago

A criminal boy and a cat-like girl.

Latest : Chapter 28
Read Project Tokyo Dolls - Bōkyaku No Imitēshon Dōru Manga

Project Tokyo Dolls - Bōkyaku No Imitēshon Dōru

Manga • 3 months ago

In Tokyo, a group of idols called DOLLS fights off extraterrestrial creatures known as Pygmalion.

Latest : Chapter 30
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