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Target 1 Billion Points! Open The Ultimate Game Of Second Life!

target 1 billion points! open the ultimate game of second life! because of his friend's death, xie yu kept himself closed and got immersed in the game world. one day, his mobile phone showed up with a mobile game called the ultimate game. the second life of the dead house begins when he learned that the game could help him achieve all his wishes-even resurrecting the dead-with 100 million points as the goal!

The Urban Miracle Doctor

the urban miracle doctor. lin xiu returned to society full of confident and pride after learning from an unnamed master on a celestial island cut off estranged from the real world. on his journey to bring justice, he bravely fought with social elites bringging chaos among the wealthy and powerful. he is fearless, he doesn't care who they are. with xiao tong, the little girl as his companion, on his journey to find his fellow orphanage friends.

The Time My Friend Wanted To Try A Skirt

the time my friend wanted to try a skirt. a couple of guys are just hanging out, but one of them unexpectedly asks if he looks nice on a skirt or not? wanting to prove that his theory was correct, these two childhood friends went to the store to try the skirt....

The Omniscient Pov Of An Unrequited Love

the omniscient pov of an unrequited love. hyeji is a popular sns star with a large instagram followers. because of her popularity, she has gets many date, but she never did have any dating experience before. one day, hyeji got date invitation from another popular sns star she admired. on the date, hyeji ended up embarrassing herself. after that terrible date, hyeji decides never see him again. however, she meets her date again, on the first day at school.


starfall. he was born the son of a king, but he chose to walk a path that was paved with hardships and struggles. she was born with a flaw that would make her shunned by society. a new relationship is starting to form due to an accidental meeting. little did they know about the problems they were going to face because of their different backgrounds. but, as long as they're together, they can face everything that comes their way. "it's not important to have a fancy victory or the glory of a victor. since we have sworn to be together, even to death.

To Kill A Mirror

to kill a mirror. yu ha na has murder-related trauma. later, she witnesses the crime scene of the new teacher.

The Mirror's Stranger

the mirror's stranger. what do you do when presented with another version of you? as you look into the mirror, a stranger is what you see. or more likely a different version of yourself, an opposite of you.

The Most Talented Woman In The World

the most talented woman in the world. who once said that "to be a scholar is to be at the top of society", causing the whole feng dynasty to give up on martial arts and focus on academics. they even women to take the imperial exams! cheng manyi, as the last illiterate and the daughter of a martial artist, decided to pretend to be educated lady to marry a scholar, to make her father happy. as a result, many famous scholars's family came to propose, and her spouse now expects her to do well in the exams and bring honor to his family!