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Sweet Guy

It might be an understatement to state that Hosang's luck with women have been underwhelming all his life. Everything changes when a power mat which he bought from his old college or university friend Gahee electrocutes him. Hosang, armed with a newfound talent, embarks over a life he previously never even imagined ...

Hello To My God

hello to my god. one day, delysia, an accidentally disfigured star, met a guru who looked like a bad guy, but helped her regain her appearance. soon after, delysia discovered that the guru was gay and was kept by someone. they figure themself to gain much money not for the girl, but to keep her guru.

Thorny Love

thorny love. the business leader, sean jiang, imprisoned faye on his side because he despised faye, who murdered his beloved. faye lost both her voice and her mind, and sean has been robbed and abused for a long time. living on the same roof days and nights, sean jiang slowly fell in love with faye ... is the end of their tale going to be brilliant or tragic?

A-student Before, F-student Behind

a-student before, f-student behind. linz has been moved to huacheng no.1 middle school for repeating study the gentle outside, but rough inside, falls in love with the a-student nelson, who sits in front of her, at first sight. so she's trying to be a diligent, cultured girl, and she's trying to attract his attention ... f-student zane is the classmate who sits behind her and has been delayed for three years. a tutoring love of the youth campus is unveiled after several "combats."

Perspective Of Immortal Docter

perspective of immortal docter. tang qian, a college student, bumped his head into a red hearth while supporting the owner in an antique shop. since then, he's had a strange skill. there's still an old man talking in his head, and if he sees a patient, he's going to say sickness and a prescription brings people back to life.

Haunted Hands Of God

haunted hands of god. once upon a time, a hospital was packed with patients and doctors, but strangely the hospital was shut down and everyone inside was disappeared. an aspiring doctor reopens the hospital, but odd things are starting to happen...

Sweety Curing Blood

sweety curing blood. what the heck is that thing that's falling in campus? a handsome stranger guy has arrived! he even forced me to raise him?! moreover, he said that my saliva and blood have the ability to heal wounds, especially by kissing!

My Vampire Lover

my vampire lover. the life claimant, the blood or the deal?! she loved the upper class guy, and the blood-thirsty "host?" we either met at that moment, or we had long since fallen in love ...

Mode Ii

mode ii. after a merciless serial killer attacks his sister, a shy boy downloads an app that gives him super-powers: mode ii. through the app, shu ye can hear the inner thoughts and feelings that dwell deep inside people's hearts. but there's a catch, and with power, come those who are abusing it.

Werewolf Breeding

werewolf breeding. vampires are the rulers of the night, taking the blood of anyone they like. the only chance for mankind to defeat them is to revive the long-lost original werewolf. enter the battle between vampires and werewolves to save humanity and the world!

Romance Of The Eclipse

romance of the eclipse. after her parents died, luna didn't know how to act. sad? lonely? empty? the first real emotion that she felt when the god calling himself kite appeared under the dim moonlight was ... complete confusion?! a ghost of another planet, kite even experienced the loss of everyone he loved, pretending to be luna's reincarnation. now he's vowing to protect and help her with his heavenly powers, whether she wants it or not. united by the death of their loved ones, the god and the aimless girl have eclipsed their old lives in search of something new.

Trampled By President

trampled by president. one night in a lavish villa, a man named lin han insulted fang yi, who had countless ties with her. their lives were destined to intertwine with each other when they first met as children .... did fang yi succeed in transforming her life into a new page after those years? what type of stress and romance will happen between them? what's the secret behind mutual hatred?

Cannon Fodder’s Record Of Counterattacks

cannon fodder’s record of counterattacks. ning shu had fallen asleep. yet fortunately she was a task-taker responsible for counterattacking pitiful cannon fodder. ning shu thus played various kinds of life roles in different cultures, meeting many people who for no reason caused trouble. transmigrated director, resurrected artist. ning shu had no choice but to collect spiritual dignity in separate worlds in painful way.

Second Home

second home: "my home cannot be like this." the story of a quiet male student and his next-door neighbor... who is married.

Demon's Desire

demon's desire. when death is broadcast live, what will happen to your life? she's an nameless, beginner anchor. she becomes popular after broadcasting a suicide. while standing at the peak of the pyramid, she witnesses capital's ugliest face and is disfigured because she refuses to be pushed around. she signed a revenge contract with him after reaching a revenge agreement. after undergoing a plastic surgery, "reincarnate" as the other self of her starts to take revenge.

We On

we on. when a mutant alien invasion threatens the world our only hope lies with a group of super-powered teenagers. but how can they save the world when they have trouble saving themselves? teamwork, optimism and good intentions are apparently no longer sufficient since each enemy is stronger than the last. they will save the world, or they will simply die trying to.

When The Angel Falls For Me

when the angel falls for me. after a car accident, mu zhizhi seems to gain some special power. just by sneezing that she can exchange her soul with her pet, a cat who can talk and predict the stock market! then, something strange happens, a ceo of a big company, who is also the one who caused mu zhizhi's accident employs her, but did not pay her salary for tardiness. is this tall, attractive and wealthy man the devil from hell or an angel from heaven?!

Wicked Young Master And His Innocent Girl

wicked young master and his innocent girl. when the innocent illegitimate daughter of a wealthy family dai yuxiao comes to a high-society cocktail party, she inadvertently bumps into mu lengrui, mu group's famously wicked young leader. almost immediately, the latter gets hooked on her, almost he takes her virginity overnight with the aid of some alcohol ...

Warlord Husband: Shenshen Is Gonna Be The Winner

warlord husband: shenshen is gonna be the winner. her fate has been turned upside down for saving him by accident. he already has 27 women, how can i be the special one? i even gave him a baby! a commander? warlord? but what of that! does he want to marry me? fine, clean up his mess first, and then throw these women out! or don’t even think about that!

Devil Games: Guidance

devil games: guidance. she was badly insulted by him and felt she was in hell to pay off the debts of her father. she did not want this to be just a beginning and a glorious vengeance. who sank upon the earth in his heart?

The Moon And The 1/2 Lovers

the moon and the 1/2 lovers. both ji xianfeng and zhao yushuang have a quirk, which is when they're exposed to moonlight, they'll transform into the opposite sex. on one fateful night, they run into each other's secret, leading to the intertwining of their lives and a series of humorous events. and a young romantic comedy on the schoolyard unfolds!

Five Charming Brothers

five charming brothers. yvonne xia has 5 brothers. big brother is cold but a pervert too. the second brother is a warm and gentle guy. the third brother is a rebelling and arbitrary boy. the fourth brother is lovely and likes the clothes of girls dressing up. the fifth brother is a little sweet but a little cunny. how is it they will do to her?

Terlalu Tampan

terlalu tampan. "dad, why do i have to be so handsome?" -- diary of a ladies' man.

What Should I Do If I Am Tempted?

what should i do if i am tempted? a memory-lost girl works with all the other mysterious young men in a coffee shop to help people make their dreams come true. cindy was heartbroken, and met a guy who took her to a coffee shop. then he transforms her into a new girl, and helps her on her life journey.

Romanian Gymnastic Society

romanian gymnastic society. lizzy has just landed an amazing part-time job that allows her to live in a lavish mansion, but it doesn't all look like she realizes the mysterious owner of the house is a splitting image of herself. and the mystery keeps deepening as suspicious characters begin to enter her life that may not be who they say they are ...

She Is A Vampire!

she is a vampire!. a story about a vampire girl who meets a human guy.

End And Save

end and save. the hero's of the villain and the villain is the hero! this is the story about the end of the villain, and his assistant.

Professor President, Come On!

professor president, come on!. dumped by her boyfriend, helen got wasted in a bar and slept with an strange yet attractive man, who turned out to be her new school financial teacher! he also threatened to fail her at the final in order to take revenge for being treated like a money child!

Blind Date Terminator

blind date terminator. mo xiaoxiao is a 24-year-old woman who has already failed 49 blind dates since university. today mark the 50th time she's failed. perhaps because her temperament is rough, she's always struggling to have a relationship. now her mother is going to introduce her to her friend's son, mo xiaoxiao. beautiful and rich, mo xiaoxiao got hooked in the first second she looked at the picture. excited to meet him, she came 20 minutes earlier, but she was surprised by reality.

Spoil You Forever

spoil you forever. he is a super boss who manages the economy as well as the weapons and ammunition of the entire world. she's the belle of the city as well as the ex-girlfriend of a little star. he seems to lose his memory as a result of her accident, which claims that she is his wife ... now that you are my wife, let's do things that only happened between couples ...