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Read Sword Of The Falcon Manhwa

Sword Of The Falcon

Manhwa Full Color • 5 days ago

Eremia is the continent's most renowned traveling musician.

Latest : Chapter 103
Read Black Winter Manhwa

Black Winter

Manhwa Full Color • 6 days ago

A young boy was cursed on a dark winter night

Latest : Chapter 24
Read Bokurano Manga


Manga • 5 months ago

While on summer vacation, a group of children found a strange man in a cave, who said he is making a video game to defend Earth from alien invaders.

Latest : Chapter 66
Read Itaewon Class Manhwa

Itaewon Class

Manhwa Full Color • 4 months ago

Itaewon, where they hold similar values, this street is where their story lives.

Latest : Chapter 13
Read Angel Of Slaughter Manga

Angel Of Slaughter

Manga • 5 months ago

When Rachel Gardner wakes up in the basement of an unidentified house, she finds herself face to face with Zack, a serial killer covered in bandages from head to toe.

Latest : Chapter 39
Read Gisou Furin Manga

Gisou Furin

Manga • 5 months ago

Shouko Hama is already 32 years old, unmarried, but she wants a husband.

Latest : Chapter 23
Read Thousand Endless Rains From Faraway Mountains Manhua

Thousand Endless Rains From Faraway Mountains

Manhua Full Color • 1 month ago

When a female doctor and martial artist family was sadly murdered.

Latest : Chapter 17
Read Baby, Punk Kid Manhwa

Baby, Punk Kid

Manhwa Full Color • 4 months ago

Omega Ha Rim tries to make quick money by unexpectedly assaulting a stranger with a hidden weapon before his heat-cycle approaches.

Latest : Chapter 16
Read Flaming Hot Desire Manhua

Flaming Hot Desire

Manhua Full Color • 7 months ago

Dream is coming true!

Latest : Chapter 479
Read Gunjou Manga


Manga • 4 months ago

A story about two lesbian women.

Latest : Chapter 34
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