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Read Bastard (Hwang Youngchan) Manhwa

Bastard (Hwang Youngchan)

Manhwa Full Color • 4 months ago

People keep on mysteriously disappearing in this neighborhood.

Latest : Chapter 94
Read Satsuriku No Tenshi Manga

Satsuriku No Tenshi

Manga • 2 weeks ago

With lifeless eyes, Rachel Gardner only wants to die.

Latest : Chapter 45
Read Sakura No Sono (Fumi Fumiko) Manga

Sakura No Sono (Fumi Fumiko)

Manga • 3 months ago

By all appearances, Sakura and her friends are normal, though sheltered, junior high school girls who enjoy talking about love and walking home from school together.

Latest : Chapter 22
Read Raccoon-San Mansion Manga

Raccoon-San Mansion

Manga • 5 months ago

The cute Raccoon-San is going on an adventure in a massive, kind of creepy apartment.

Latest : Chapter 31
Read Nan Ting Guwei - The Last Destiny Manhua

Nan Ting Guwei - The Last Destiny

Manhua Full Color • 3 months ago

The story is about Gao Ying, a college student who stayed at a hotel in an old town with many mysteries and was suddenly caught up in a conflict, a disaster a hundred years ago.

Latest : Chapter 4
Read Ningyou Touge Manga

Ningyou Touge

Manga • 3 months ago

A group of high school students visit the inside of a mountain on an agricultural voyage.

Latest : Chapter 8
Read Neighbor No 13 Manga

Neighbor No 13

Manga • 3 months ago

Juuzou had been embarrassed by his high school classmates.

Latest : Chapter 018
Read Prey Manhwa


Manhwa Full Color • 8 months ago

The nightmarish story of the children who see the spirits.

Latest : Chapter 100
Read Gorgon Manhwa


Manhwa Full Color • 3 months ago

The story follows I m Soohyun, an orphan who is cursed with the ability to kill people by looking at them in the eye.

Latest : Chapter 5
Read Private Punishment Game Manga

Private Punishment Game

Manga • 3 months ago

Seven former fellow students in middle school are compelled to participate in a "death trap" by an strange rabbit.

Latest : Chapter 6
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