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Read Project Tokyo Dolls - Bōkyaku No Imitēshon Dōru Manga

Project Tokyo Dolls - Bōkyaku No Imitēshon Dōru

Manga • 3 months ago

In Tokyo, a group of idols called DOLLS fights off extraterrestrial creatures known as Pygmalion.

Latest : Chapter 30
Read Neun Manga


Manga • 3 months ago

The enigmatic, gigantic being, Mánagarmr, has emerged from the depths of the earth.

Latest : Chapter 7
Read Evolution Manhua


Manhua Full Color • 3 months ago

A series of stories that are creepy and suspenseful that will make you think about human nature.

Latest : Chapter 2
Read Meshia No Tettsui Manga

Meshia No Tettsui

Manga • 3 months ago

2034, a time when AI 's evolution was greatly advanced and the appearance of the humanoid "Totomo" was widely accepted.

Latest : Chapter 14
Read Maria (Kero) Manga

Maria (Kero)

Manga • 4 weeks ago

If Maria has lost her job and can't pay her rent on time, she doesn't have any other way to collect money.

Latest : Chapter 0
Read Sukedachi Nine Manga

Sukedachi Nine

Manga • 3 months ago

As Japan's population grows older and smaller, and sky rocket murder rates, the Japanese government began implementing more stringent laws against the worst offenders.

Latest : Chapter 25
Read Nano Hazard Manga

Nano Hazard

Manga • 3 months ago

Enjou Shuuto goals is to become detective.

Latest : Chapter 25
Read Nagareboshi Ni Negau Hodo Bokura Wa Sunao Ja Nai Manga

Nagareboshi Ni Negau Hodo Bokura Wa Sunao Ja Nai

Manga • 3 months ago

Hokuto still seems to have the same dream where he wakes up all of a sudden, and begins to cry.

Latest : Chapter 9.5
Read In Waiting Of Rocky Manga

In Waiting Of Rocky

Manga • 3 months ago

I am Alice and I am 19.

Latest : Chapter 2
Read Golden Time Manhwa

Golden Time

Manhwa Full Color • 2 weeks ago

Alex, Duke Eli and Duchess Edna's eldest son, has reached brilliant achievements.

Latest : Chapter 33
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