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Maou-Jou De Oyasumi Chapter 213.5 English

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Summary Maou-Jou De Oyasumi

Maou-Jou De Oyasumi. Sshh! Princess Syalis is attempting a good night's sleep. Shut-eye any. 40 Winks. Catch any of those Z's. Years ago, when humans and demons lived together in — well, disharmony, really — a demon king abducted a human princess, and imprisoned her in his castle. Bereft, the subjects of the princess beat their chests in agony ... before a hero emerges to spearhead the Rescue Our Princess Mission! While waiting in shining armor for her knight, what is a imprisoned princess to do ...? Bat-winged teddy-bear guards are all very well but her dungeon cell is a bo-o-o-ring! So, by sleeping she wants to wile away the long hours. Now if only she could get comfortable ... and not experience insomnia ...


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