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Be warned!

You are reading Spoiler of Martial Peak Novel.

Be warned!

You are reading Spoiler of Martial Peak Novel.

Novel Chapter 1880 - Escape Into The Void

Kuang Shi Zong stood on the spot as if in despair, seemingly ageing several hundred years in an instant…

The remaining eight Starships also stopped, not knowing what to do.

After a while, many masters flew out of the Starship and gathered in front of Kuang Shi Zong, all of them looking at him with anxious expressions.

“Ha…” Kuang Shi Zong sighed deeply and laughed in a self-deprecating manner, “As I had always known, the talents from the next generation will supplant those from the old generation sooner or later. It is impossible to overcome old age.”

“Martial Ancestor…” Everyone was shocked, knowing that Kuang Shi Zong had suffered a complete defeat at Yang Kai’s hands this time, wanting to comfort him but not knowing what to say.


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