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Tsubasa Nanaki - Nanao Yamashita - Momotomoe
Manga Fantasy
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31St Consort Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Tsubasa Nanaki - Nanao Yamashita - Momotomoe and was first published on Oct 5 2018. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read 31St Consort Manga because it has Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo genres.

Synopsis 31St Consort Manga

King Macron and Consort Feria meet after a long wait.

Feria is a breath of fresh air, unlike the other consorts which force themselves on him.

Feelings sparkle between them; they will have to conquer age-old traditions and covetous nobles to be together, but what awaits them is true love.

31St Consort. Feria, a feudal lord's niece, is chosen as the 31st consort to the king. With a structure where the monarch sees the consorts on their respective month's day, Feria is not too frequently called in. Feria is scarcely provided with the basic necessities in this idle role, so she takes it upon herself to manage the household.


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Title31St Consort
Alternative31St Consort
Author Tsubasa Nanaki - Nanao Yamashita - Momotomoe
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo,

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