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6 Worlds Of Cultivation Manhwa

Wol Yeonjae
Manhwa Fantasy
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6 Worlds Of Cultivation Manhwa is a Korean Comic created by Wol Yeonjae and was first published on Dec 31 2019. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read 6 Worlds Of Cultivation Manga because it has Drama, Romance, Webtoons genres.

Synopsis 6 Worlds Of Cultivation Manhwa

The main character of this story named Yub SeJun live in a small village named country Jo.

SeJun nevertheless retains its values and establishes a novel cultivation method.

Will he become the next hero who will bring chaos to the world?

6 Worlds Of Cultivation. Alone during a troubled period before the monastery, Yub SeJun was thought to be a normal, abandoned infant. And in the way he desired, he had the power to change the world. All in the world has followed the classical cultivation.


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Title6 Worlds Of Cultivation
Alternative 육도종문기
Author Wol Yeonjae
Genres Drama, Romance, Webtoons,

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