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A Falling Cohabitation Manhwa

Na (나)
Manhwa Romance
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A Falling Cohabitation Manhwa is a Korean Comic created by Na (나) and was first published on Aug 2 2017. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read A Falling Cohabitation Manga because it has Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural genres.

Synopsis A Falling Cohabitation Manhwa

The story about Gumiho and his room.

Take Lee Dam, a student at the college who is chicken-lover, self-assured, no-time-for-your-sexist-or-flirtatious-nonsense.

A stupidly beautiful, centuries-old, chicken-avoiding-and-magic-wielding gumiho, Shin Wooyeo (fox god), who has almost acquired all the strength he needs to become human.

A Falling Cohabitation. Do you want nine-tailed Korean foxes, unlikely mutual cohabitation of love interests, and frank humor? А housewarming party with а Gumiho.


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TitleA Falling Cohabitation
AlternativeLiving Together
Author Na (나)
Genres Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural,

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