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びーびーびーといっと! 天神学園浪漫あるばむ
Manhwa fantasy
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A Flowering Beast Manhwa is a Japanese Comic created by びーびーびーといっと! 天神学園浪漫あるばむ and was first published on . Make sure you are more than 17 years old before A Flowering Beast Manhwa because it has genres.

Synopsis A Flowering Beast Manhwa

Mitsumine High School is known as the school with the most juvenile delinquents in the country. The students are so violent that even the teachers are scared for their lives. Sunahara is the leader of the first years and it is the strongest dude of his class. But when the transfer student Asagiri Shinnosuke makes an appearance at the school, he starts taking down names and kicking up dust like a tornado. When the students thought things were violent and unpredictable at Mitsumine, they havent seen anything yet since Asagiri is here to become the champion of the school.


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Title A Flowering Beast
Type Manhwa
Author びーびーびーといっと! 天神学園浪漫あるばむ
Language english
Status ongoing
Genres Fantasy , Romance , Historical , Isekai ,
Spoiler Comic A Flowering Beast Spoiler Comic A Flowering Beast Spoiler Comic A Flowering Beast Spoiler Comic A Flowering Beast

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