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Ah! Itoshi No Banchousama Manga

Fujikata Mayu
Manga Romance
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Ah! Itoshi No Banchousama Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Fujikata Mayu and was first published on Oct 8 2005 . Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Ah! Itoshi No Banchousama Manga because it has Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo genres.

Synopsis Ah! Itoshi No Banchousama Manga

Hirayama Hayaka is transferring from a private high school to an urban high school because of family issues.

As she joins the school, however, she points out there are 850 boys in the school and she is the only girl there.

Besides the massive difference in the number of boys and girls, she also learns that gangsters still exist in this period.

Ah! Itoshi No Banchousama. Souka is moving with her newly divorced mother to a new place to live. Souka wants to leave her preppy, private high school behind while searching for a school to enroll while and moves to a technical high school. To her shock, she is the only schoolgirl grad! The first school day is nothing like she'd ever imagined — boys bursting through the window, fighting for all they're worth. One day, Souka is ambushed by the school's new "Bancho" (a term for a gang leader). Yu, one of the classmates, determined to protect her, comes to her rescue but Yu ends up in a fight. Souka's trying to help swings her book bag and ends up pushing the Bancho herself down! What Souka didn't know was that you've become the leader of the class when someone brings down the leader of the class. It wasn't a job she planned for herself, but she can give it up?


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TitleAh! Itoshi No Banchousama
AlternativeDear School Gang Leader
Author Fujikata Mayu
Genres Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo,

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