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Amagakure Gido
Manga Romance
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Amaama To Inazuma Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Amagakure Gido and was first published on Feb 7 2013. Make sure you are more than 13 years old before Read Amaama To Inazuma Manga because it has Comedy, Seinen, Slice of Life genres.

Synopsis Amaama To Inazuma Manga

Inuzuka is a teacher who has provided for his little girl, Tsumugi, on her own since the death of his father.

He's not good at cooking so from the grocery store they've been consuming prepared meals.

One evening a series of events led him to a restaurant run by one of his student's mother, Kotori.

Amaama To Inazuma. Math teacher Kouhei Inuzuka has lost his wife and is trying his best to uplift his young daughter Tsumugi as a single parent. He's pretty bad at cooking and hasn't got a big appetite to start with, but chance brings together his little family and one of his students, Kotori Iida, for homemade adventures. With those three cooks in the kitchen, this dinner table drama is so delicious it's no wonder.


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TitleAmaama To Inazuma
Author Amagakure Gido
Genres Comedy, Seinen, Slice of Life,

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