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Christina Weir - Nunzio Defilippis - Shiei
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Amazing Agent Luna Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Christina Weir - Nunzio Defilippis - Shiei and was first published on Oct 17 2005. Make sure you are more than 13 years old before Read Amazing Agent Luna Manga because it has Action, Adventure, Romance, School Life genres.

Synopsis Amazing Agent Luna Manga

They 're big and out of control like the average girl but without parents or the usual interaction with her friends to guide her.

Putting her into high school brings the fuse to light on a confounding emotional bomb among teenagers.

Particularly when she begins making friends, setting up rivals, and getting her first big crush on bad boy Jonah, the son of her arch-nemesis, Count Von Brucken!

Amazing Agent Luna. Amazing Agent Luna is Luna 's story, the perfect, secret agent. A girl developed from the finest genetic material in a laboratory, she has been trained to be the greatest spy agent of the U.S. government since birth fifteen years ago. But now she's given an assignment to test her skills to the utmost —- high school. The government sends Luna to a popular high school to pose as a student, in order to expose an evil scheme. But one thing Luna wasn't trained to deal with is her own feelings. Like the typical girl, they are strong and out of reach but without parents or the normal contact with her peers to direct her. Putting her in high school brings the fuse to light on an emotional explosion of uncertainty among adolescents. Particularly when she begins to make friends, establish rivals, and have her first major crush on bad boy Jonah, her arch-nemesis' son, Count Von Brucken!


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TitleAmazing Agent Luna
AuthorChristina Weir - Nunzio Defilippis - Shiei
Genres Action, Adventure, Romance, School Life,

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