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Ane-con Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Unknown and was first published on . Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Ane-con Manga because it has genres.

Synopsis Ane-con Manga

Tanaka Hajime and Harada were leaders of the yakuza group called Yanase. These were destroyed in the conflict between your Yanase group and the Kawa-guchi. The Kawaguchi group thinks that they killed Tanaka Hajime and buried him. Tanaka Hajime was saved by Harada, though he has lost all his memory. Knowing nothing, as Harada asks him if its a lie, Hajime states why would he. Then is when Harada tells Hajime they are lovers. Is this true?


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Title Ane-con
Type Manga
Author Unknown
Language english
Status ongoing
Genres Ecchi , Comedy ,

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