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City Hall Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Rémi Guérin and was first published on . Make sure you are more than 17 years old before City Hall Manga because it has genres.

Synopsis City Hall Manga

14 year-old Aoi can be an upbeat girl that has big dreams on her behalf future, though her main one at this time gets into N High. Aoi is both popular and pretty, even being voted Pure Teen Magazine's reader-model. Accompanying her is her childhood sweetheart Ryuuta, the quantity 1 slacker in the institution. Although two bicker often, mostly about Ryuuta's constantly low scores and insufficient studying, it is apparent that they both harbor feelings for just one another. Unfortunately, Aoi's dreams and love are tested when a major accident renders her handicapped. Aoi and Ryuuta must now discover a way to cope and discover if their love endures the countless trials ahead. (from Forbidden Garden)

Imagine a world where everything you write takes life...What would you do then, if paper which had disappeared for more than two hundred years came back in the hands of Black Fowl, the biggest criminal mind of the century?An exceptional situation calls for excptional measures. The Police forces of City Hall will have to call to the rescue two of the best of London: Jules Verne and Arthur Conan Doyle!


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Title City Hall
Alternative 市役所
Type Manga
Author Rémi Guérin
Language english
Status ongoing
Genres Action , Shounen , Adventure ,

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