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Jordan Troche
Comic Horror
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Death Sin Comic is a created by Jordan Troche and was first published on Aug 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Death Sin Manga because it has Horror genres.

Synopsis Death Sin Comic

Connor, a kid who has a horrible mystery to deal with.

He was born with a cursed Right Eye that draws him to the scenes of unthinkable brutality and abuse that we call Sins.

While his conscience is taken over by a twisted mindset, he murders sinners and takes their souls away from their bodies, sending them back to Hell.

Death Sin. Connor, a boy who has to deal with a horrible secret. He was born with a cursed Right Eye that would lead him to ... Scenes of extreme brutality and terror, which we call sins. Once he has a darker personality, he takes over his mind and ... He kills the sinners and takes their souls free from their bodies and sends them back to Hell. Forced to watch the penalty, and ... The pain that the sinners suffer starts to destroy his soul. Why does he have the awful ability to take us to Hell, and what is he? Human? Human?


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TitleDeath Sin
AlternativeAsura Rising
Author Jordan Troche
Genres Horror,

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