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Takao Saito
Manga Shounen
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Devil King Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Takao Saito and was first published on Jul 1 1969. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Devil King Manga because it has Ecchi, Sci fi, Seinen, Shounen genres.

Synopsis Devil King Manga

In Kitakaruizawa, human life-wide springs from the Kobayakawa Research Center in the middle of the night.

The same human, in an instant of pain and agony, turns to dust and is swept away by a powerful gale across the landscape, a gigantic sight witnessed only by a clan of truck drivers rushing down the late-night highway.

The experiment of Dr. Kobayakawa ends in a disappointing failure, yet the elder brother of the young Akio makes the doctor's acquaintance, indisputably a trap, one bearing the danger of a new experiment ...

Devil King. In Kitakaruizawa a larger than-human life bursts out from the Kobayakawa Research Center in the middle of the night. The same human turns into dust in an instant of agony and misery, and is swept away by a violent gale across the countryside, a monumental sight seen only by a clan of truck drivers speeding down the highway at the late night. Doctor Kobayakawa 's experiment ends in a deceptive failure, and the elder brother of a young Akio makes the Doctor's acquaintance, unmistakably a trap, one that carries the risk of a new experiment ...


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TitleDevil King
Author Takao Saito
Genres Ecchi, Sci fi, Seinen, Shounen,

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