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Dong Gun. This was an age of terror in history, where ten suns shone as the world was burned underneath its mantle. Therefore, Chunjae, the father of these ten suns, summoned and ordered a legendary warrior named Yae to shoot down all but one sun. Yet obviously, the mother of the suns, Hwaehwa, was furious to hear this news and vowed to revive her dead sons for revenge. Hwaehwa returns after a long time and challenges Chunjae to do a Baduk game. She brings Hanbal, who once was the follower of Chunjae and releases a thousand demons to the earth, proclaiming that they are a symbol of her Baduk stones. Now, to gather his stones, Chunjae looks for Dong Bangsak and asks one of Yae's followers, Hangah Dong Gun, to watch over him as he sets out on his quest to seal the demons...!

Information About Dong Gun

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Cover Dong Gun
Comic Title Dong Gun
Type Manhwa
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Shounen, Supernatural,
Author Dan-Ee Lee - Ji-Woo Shin
Status Ongoing
Views 56x
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