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Dungeon Tuber!!! Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Hen and was first published on Aug 25 2018. Make sure you are more than 13 years old before Read Dungeon Tuber!!! Manga because it has Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen genres.

Synopsis Dungeon Tuber!!! Manga

Once upon a time there was a mighty domain of the devil that plagued the earth, leaving death and devastation in its path.

Humanity banded together and, despite a few struggles, was willing to overcome him.

Since then, Millennia has passed by. Although the Demon Lord is dead, his influence still resounds throughout the world.

Dungeon Tuber!!!. There once was a powerful world of demons that threatened the world, bringing death and destruction in his wake. Humanity banded together, and was able to defeat him after much hardship. Since then Centuries has gone. Although the demon lord is dead, his influence still resounds all over the world. Dungeons often pop across the globe, packed with both treasure and risk. And as a result , a new phenomenon was created. They are a bunch of teenagers, all searching for popularity. Using fairy-mounted screens, they broadcast their adventures to the world to see in these dungeons. They live both for the chance and for the views. They are Tubers in the Cellar.


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TitleDungeon Tuber!!!
Author Hen
Genres Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen,

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