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Eto Royale. The zodiac initially won a spot in a foot race. But the rules have since changed; a new set of zodiacs are to be chosen every one thousand years in a happiness-based battle! It is the free-for-all known as the Zodiac Royale, in which each of the animal members on earth will be bound by birth to a human "master." They will only be allowed to move up in the rankings by bringing their master happiness. When Ichika Kotobuki, a tokusatsu closet fan — shows with superheroes and extravagant special effects — tries to help an injured dog, she is drawn into the Zodiac Royale as the dog's master Komamaru. Though at first reluctant to take part, Ichika agrees with the happiness condition for a whole year, if they win. If Komamaru wants to make Ichika happy and secure his place in the zodiac, he will need to be just like the heroes of tokusatsu — flashy but noble nevertheless.

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Cover Eto Royale
Comic Title Eto Royale
Type Manga
Genre Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo,
Author Mikami Ritsuhiro
Status Ongoing
Views 104x
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