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Flowers And Pints Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Tsutomu and was first published on Jan 14 2014. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Flowers And Pints Manga because it has Drama, Seinen, Slice of Life genres.

Synopsis Flowers And Pints Manga

15 years ago, little Ayame and her dad usually went to a certain pub, until her dad passed away.

Now Ayame is 25 years old, and her mom already remarried, but she feels her new family are strangers to her.

She then starts to search for the pub she used to went to with her dad and enjoys drinking by herself

Flowers And Pints. A story about a 25-year-old woman named Ayame. 15 years ago, she lost her father, and she's now in search of the pub she had once frequented with him. On her way home from work every night, she stops at pubs, and on a fateful night, a man might be able to help her find what she's missing...


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TitleFlowers And Pints
AlternativeHana to Sakazuki
Genres Drama, Seinen, Slice of Life,

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