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Yang Xiaoru (杨笑汝)
Manhua Romance
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Fluffy Manhua is a Chinese Comic created by Yang Xiaoru (杨笑汝) and was first published on Mar 30 2015. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Fluffy Manga because it has Drama, Romance, Slice of Life genres.

Synopsis Fluffy Manhua

Fan Ning and her friends were watching the handsome high school basketball star in a tournament.

Unlike her friends who go crazy about him, Fan Ning doesn't have any interest in him.

Suddenly, her friends beg her to ask him out?!

Fluffy. Yang Xiaoru's serialized webcomic. The story tells about a girl who took a stray dog home at rainy night, then suddenly the dog transformed into a shaggy-haired boy.


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Author Yang Xiaoru (杨笑汝)
Genres Drama, Romance, Slice of Life,

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