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Cool Kyoushinsha
Manga Comedy
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Fukumaden Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Cool Kyoushinsha and was first published on May 19 2016. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Fukumaden Manga because it has Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen genres.

Synopsis Fukumaden Manga

Fukumaden 's story takes place in a world after the Demon King has been defeated by the hero.

The hero makes a women's harem to shed his blood, because the Demon King is destined to return in the next few hundred years. However, because he has gathered too many girls, there are 100 women waiting for him.

Fukumaden. The hero has defeated the Lord of the Demon and harmony has returned to the land but the Lord of the Demon will return some day in the far future. To ensure the bloodline of the hero remains to defeat him again, women from all over the world have been gathered to form a harem and bear his children. The series follows the various (and often incredibly lewd) conversations the harem members have to kill time while waiting for their turn with the hero, and for their children to be born later.


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Author Cool Kyoushinsha
Genres Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen,

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