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Hibiki Wataru
Manga Romance
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Gekkou Romance Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Hibiki Wataru and was first published on Oct 10 2006. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Gekkou Romance Manga because it has Fantasy, Romance genres.

Synopsis Gekkou Romance Manga

The ruler of Malachite, Rook, is said to be a cruel devil king who tortures his people!

When he proposes to the princess of a neighboring country, the princess refuses.

Shara, a lowly dancing girl, volunteers to travel to Rook's country to inform him about the rejection.

Gekkou Romance. A sweet one shot about a girl from the dessert and a devil king of a hated country. It is rumored that Rook, the Malachite ruler, is a devil king who tortures and slices his people into pieces! Now, that man has proposed to a neighboring country's princess? When the princess rejects it, a lowly dancing girl named Shara volunteers to go to Rook's country to inform him of the rejection from the princess. Once she's there, Shara may discover the "devil king" is not exactly what she's been expecting!


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TitleGekkou Romance
AlternativeMoonlight Romance
AuthorHibiki Wataru
Genres Fantasy, Romance,

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