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Gion No Tsugai. In the land of Gion, the capital of Japan, a strange power has brought about great prosperity. The power that brings changes only in girls, by turning them into half-animal, as servants to a god. Some of the strong ones become "Onmyou" and can fight evil. Others have gone berserk become Orochi, brought death and destruction to man. It was believed that those who are Orochi must be killed, until a mysterious man named Gion save one Orochi. Will he be strong enough to fight all the Orochi and bring an end to their terror?!

Information About Gion No Tsugai

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Cover Gion No Tsugai
Comic Title Gion No Tsugai
Type Manga
Genre Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural,
Author Thomasz
Status Ongoing
Views 183x
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