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Girl In My Dream. Girl in My Dream is an online manwa with a different take on the usual TG Transformation Comic. Ordinary High-School Student Ji-Hoon is practically delirious with the heady feeling of young romance with his first real girlfriend, shy and reticent Meganekko Ji-Soo. So delirious, in fact, that he heedlessly walks out in front of a bus on their very first date, leading Ji-Soo to sacrifice her own life pushing him out of the way. Inconsolable with grief, Ji-Hoon withdraws from his friends until he starts dreaming of a beautiful girl named Yuna who promises that someday they will meet for real. Unfortunately, it's soon apparent that disturbing changes are occurring in Ji-Hoon's body as he dreams - He's slowly becoming female!. Confronted on this, Yuna eventually reveals the truth: she is a vengeful aspect of Ji-Soo's spirit, intent on stealing Ji-Hoon's body so she can have a relationship with his best friend, the handsome Ji-Young. Confronted with the fact that he's become fully female, Ji-Hoon's mind retreats, leaving behind a confused amnesiac female personality who calls herself Ji-Hyun. Eventually, Ji-Hoon, Yuna, and Ji-Hyun end up in a three-way battle for control over Ji-Hoon, body, and soul.

Information About Girl In My Dream

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Cover Girl In My Dream
Comic Title Girl In My Dream
Type Manga
Genre romance, shounen, supernatural, tragedy, gender bender,
Author Completed
Status 99
Views 3 K
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