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Go Da Gun. It's a story about a 16-year old boy named Gan Goda, and his video game pals, who fights the Hanged Cross gang consistently. At the beginning of the story, Gan is a young trouble maker who has been expelled from many schools for deliquency. Gan's father, a hotdog supercop nickname "Dan Goda," had enough of all this situation, so he decides to send Gan to his alma mater: a fighting school - Roujuu Private High School. There, Gan learns to use his natural skills into "Gunfighting," the family martial arts style resembling firearms. Think of Magnum 44 punches, Shotgun Fists, Sniper Stances, etc.

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Cover Go Da Gun
Comic Title Go Da Gun
Type Manga
Genre Action, Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shounen,
Author Katakura Masanori
Status Ongoing
Views 73x
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