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Golden Time. The series continues! "Golden Time" is the second part of the Light and Shadow trilogy. Alex, the eldest son of Duke Eli, and Duchess Edna, has achieved brilliant accomplishments. But he doesn't want to be 'a frog in a well' who's always protected by his parents, so he embarks on a quest to become a real king. As he gathers trusted companions one by one, Alex starts to get attracted to Kenny, an extroverted, wandering young boy who unexpectedly joins his group. Apparently, Kenny's true identity is the wife of Duke Frederick and the Second Princess of Northia. The joy of meeting in a different era, the two's love would bring the burning fire of a great war.

Information About Golden Time

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Cover Golden Time
Comic Title Golden Time
Type Manhwa
Genre Drama, Historical, Romance, Tragedy, Webtoons,
Author Ryu Hyang
Status Ongoing
Views 31k
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