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Synopsis Great Teacher Onizuka Manga

great teacher onizuka. eikichi onizuka is a 22-year-old ex-biker, former gang member, a pervert and short tempered. his ambition is to be a teacher, so that he can get close to the hot students. he has to work as a student teacher first, in order to get his certifications before he can become a real professor. onizuka think he is the baddest guy on campus, but he is going to have to prove himself, when he meets his class of bullies, liars and con-man.

Information About Great Teacher Onizuka

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Cover Great Teacher Onizuka
Comic Title Great Teacher Onizuka
Type Manga
Genre action, adult, comedy, drama, ecchi, school life, shounen,
Author fujisawa tohru
Status completed
Views 50 K
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