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.hack//tasogare No Udewa Densetsu. Welcome to "The World", an online game with the highest technology ever. 14-year-old twins Rena and Shugo are two middle schoolers who enter The World as level 1 game characters. Now, they are ready to take on anything...or so they think. When the character of Shugo dies, he's sent to another level where the mysterious Aura entrusts him to carrying the Twilight Bracelet. Shugo must figure out who Aura is, and why she gave him this strong weapon to shield his sister against the dangerous The World. Welcome to The World, the most advanced online game ever created. In The World you can be anyone you want to be, act out your adventure fantasies and through teamwork and determination, you can even become a hero. 14-year-old twins Shuugo and Rena just won a contest that lets them play as the legendary avatars 'Kite' and 'Black Rose.'

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Cover .hack//tasogare No Udewa Densetsu
Comic Title .hack//tasogare No Udewa Densetsu
Type Manga
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci fi, Shounen,
Author Hamazaki Tatsuya
Status Completed
Views 281x
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